sister Jennah’s journey to Islam


My name is Jenna. I am a revert of three and a half years. I did not begin wearing hijab until Ramadan 2013. That February I wore hijab the entire day in support of World Hijab Day and I realized it wasn’t as frightening as i thought it would be due to the fact i have been raised in the American south where prejudice is very strong.
I moved from Arkansas to California in May of this year, thinking i would be more accepted and there would be many more Muslim covered women. Sadly, i am finding that southern California is less tolerable of covered women than Arkansas. I recently went for a job interview. I am a registered nurse with several years experience. The owner of the company interviewed me personally and told me i was everything she was looking for and really wanted me working for her BUT i would have to remove the scarf from my head! I was in complete shock and speechless. I thought to myself….is this 2014?
I don’t wear hijab for anything or anyone, i wear it because of my love and respect for Allah. I feel as if it is an armor of protection from all the negative in the world and even when i am asked to remove it for what seemed to be the perfect job i just smiled and explained this is my right, my freedom, my choice and a sign of my faith. I didn’t expect the owner to understand nor do I expect anyone else to understand why i chose to wear hijab but I say Alhamdulillah everyday because Allah has guided me to the truth of Islam!!!” (USA)

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