American couple Omar and Fatima McConnell’s Journey to Islam


This Pic is- American couple Omar and Fatima McConnell in their Damascus home. They converted to Islam before they met each other after suffering massive personal traumas
Omar McConnell, formerly James, 46, from Ridgeville, Connecticut. Now lives in Damascus with his wife Fatima, formerly Suzanne, from Stillwater, Oklahoma. He converted to Islam in 1994 in New York but says he did not truly become a Muslim until four years ago, when he met Sufi Sheikh Nazim Naqshbandi in Cyprus.

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Quote of the Day

[Whether it’s] loving something for its beauty, perfection, or goodness – human nature is infatuated with beauty. First thing in a person’s love for beauty is spiritual. Even if it is later dominated by something physical.

– Habib Ali Zain al-`Abideen al-Jifri

Allahu Akbar, Subhan Allah, Amazing Revert Story with a powerful message to youths..


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Brother Luke has taken his Shahadah and accepted Islam by the will of Allah


Takbeer – Allahu Akbar
Brother Luke has taken his Shahadah and accepted Islam by the will of Allah

He was searching for the truth for many years and kept questioning his faith amd also asked his church vicar for answerd, but never got the answer he was looking for.

He just joined us now for Isha Salaah Alhamdullilah

May Allah protect us all and brother luke and his family and keep us all steadfast and on deen – ameen

Bolton Dawah Team


Advice to the NEW MUSLIMS


Tawheed Changed My Life – Brother Ahmed