Why Rashida Ali-Mubarak accepted Islam


Why Rashida Ali-Mubarak accepted Islam
I took my shadah 16 Dec 1990, I was looking for a way of life that gave me a direct link, if you will, to the Creator. I was raised in the Christian Methodist Episcopal church, but was not taught that we humans had a direct link to the Creator. Even as a child I did not accept the holy trinity doctrine, I did not believe that the Creator needed “help” in order to rule over us humans. In reading just Surah Al Fatiha, in English, I finally understood that there was a religious path through which I could communicate directly with my Creator. Islaam is that path.

Also, I really love the fact that as a Muslim, men, advertisers, and other women cannot objectify my body. I also like the concept that yes we Muslims may look differently, speak different languages, and eat different food, etc, but we are united and equals in faith, with one no more superior than the other.

As a Christian I was told that questioning the many, many inconsistencies in both the Torah and the Bible as we have them today meant that I lacked faith. Islaam actually encourages Qur’anic scholarship, and the memorization of the text in its entirety, with understanding…..

I love Islaam and wouldn’t want to live this life in any other state or condition. Being non-Muslim is a difficult life. Consider the fact that women have to expose their bodies just to get others to accept them, see them, and hear them is dehumanizing, and humiliating. When I look at how much money others spend on fashionable opaque clothing, man-made holidays, drinking alcohol and being drunk, I actually feel sorry for them. When I see men and women starving themselves in order to satisfy unrealistic ideals of beauty my heart breaks. Knowing that God created each of us as unique individuals who transcend the need to be defined by superficial stereotypes heals the heart, and settles the mind. ….By Rashida Ali-Mubarak

“”We forgot to mention a photo-credit in one of our previous posts. Thank you Enjo Mathew from the Eternal Sunshine Page (https://www.facebook.com/The.Eternal.Sunshine.Page) for supplying us with the image seen here in this post.”

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