brother Yusuf Pitre’s journey to islam

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My name is Yusuf Pitre
Born and raised Christian till age 12.

Age 13 I was orphaned by a drunk driver who killed my mother, father and brother, only leaving me Alive in the car. From that point on I denounced my faith in Christianity. From age 13 till age 23, I lived my life only for sex, drugs and playing music in bands, the worst music at that, I was into satanism and demonic music. My life was going nowhere. I was always depressed and felt like something was missing in my life, I hated being around people and had antisocial problems. Age 24 I Joined the US military, changed my life around, gave up the music and drugs. 2010 got deployed to Iraq, after the deployment things got worse for me, my people problems got so bad in US, that I needed to get away, my time with the military was almost up, so I found a job in Kuwait as a security contractor. There I started to meet Muslims, and started making friends with some of them, and from that I started studying Quran, at the time I was against all religions, but the more I read Quran the more my heart was opened. I started feeling things I never felt before, I started feeling peace in my heart instead of hate, my depression stopped, my life was changing fast for the better. After a few months of studying and feeling the difference in my life, I reverted to Islam, since then Allah has blessed me so much, Alhamdullilah. I am Muslim 3 years now, I live my life for Allah and helping others see true Islam. I have a page called (True Islam by Yusuf Pitre) on Facebook, plz check it out.


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  1. Salam. Brother I like to know about your point on ISIS and other camouflaged proxy wars US is orchestrating in the middle east. I was in Kuwait for seven years and was exposed to a wider international news than now. During this time I heard about the throats slitting in North African Muslim countries in pretty much the same fashion as it is done today by ISIS. So basically the Jewish and US directed operation are still the same; exposing the young children beheading the victims.


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