If you keep hiding your emotions with the people around you- Megan Wyatt

If you keep hiding your emotions with the people around you, you’ll discover that after life has weathered you through a few years, that you have become a hollow shell. You see your face on the outside, looking into the mirror, but cannot find your heart. You interact with the world almost as if you live behind a glass wall. You see everyone and everything, even the beauty that Allah has created in the trees, the sky, a snowflake, a baby’s smile.

But you cannot truly grasp, touch, nor envelop that beauty, the love, the mercy, or happiness. And it cannot envelop you.

You do no one a favor when you hide, especially your own self. By being a feeling person you invite someone else to care, or, discover their limitations around human emotion.

You invite yourself to a place of honor and integrity.

Some people are incredibly uncomfortable seeing your emotions because if they experience yours, they’d have to experience their own, and some people work very hard to be numb.

They imagine they would have to break through their own glass wall to hug you, love you, and embrace you, and because glass is sharp, they imagine the pain of breaking through.

Behind the glass they remain, helpless, useless, and feeling worthless, still deluding themselves to believing it’s less pain to simply watch life go by and touch their fingertips upon the cold glass.

Look for the glass between you and the one you feel hurt by. It isn’t you that is broken.

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