Our Beloved No-Muslims Brothers & Sisters, The main reason for this post again in our page, we saw that there are large number of people’s spreading wrong message about ISLAM, after Terrorist attack in Pakistan. Of course, it is Un-Islamic and against Islam. If who hope peaceful world, never can support any types of Terrorism, If it is doing Muslims or Non-Muslims.

It is our humble request you to that don’t judge ISLAM with looking followers of ISLAM. Because ISLAM is perfect. But humans are not perfect. So, they can makes mistakes. And of course, But sadly, Some of Muslims and Muslims Organization doing wrong things In the name of ISLAM. But such people’s are Muslims only by Names.

Our beloved non-Muslims brothers and sisters, we also request you to that don’t believe everything MEDIA tells You. Because some of Western MEDIAS also helps to spreading wrong message about Islam. If you sincerely seeking truth, then study Islam with Holy Qur’an and Sunna (Authentic Hadeeth), not from MEDIAS. Then you will understand what is ISLAM?, what it teaching? and Who was our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). In Sha Allah.

Again we are inform that ISLAM RELIGION OF PEACE


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