Street dawah – Sao Paulo, Brazil

MashaAlllah!!! Loud takbeer for our growing dawah tream in Sao Paulo Brazil. They have continued their ‪#‎StreetDawah‬ effort and are stronger than ever Alhamdulillah!!

‪#‎WhyIslam‬ ‪#‎YouDeserve2Know‬

No último domingo (dia 14/12) realizamos mais um evento do Street Dawah Brazil no bairro da Liberdade. Foi um dia de muito sucesso no caminho de Allah (SWT). ALHAMDULILLAH!!! Confira as fotos.

Last Sunday (day 14/12) was a day of great success in the way of Allah (SWT). ALHAMDULILLAH !!! Check it out the photos



10313455_811571422232934_4879893925543651164_n 10347168_811571412232935_7756195677507906568_n 10409283_811571292232947_333952955313475772_n 10649556_811571388899604_218599295128672103_n 10801994_811571295566280_8908435612949484624_n 10846446_811571288899614_8488587715491878540_n 10846490_811571448899598_3345333289303473832_n 10848025_811571345566275_5880757838522619928_n

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