Gentle Request!!


Assalam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

Dear Respected brothers and sisters,

After publishing a post at our blog with the name of “Non Muslim’s here are 9 questions you should ask yourself before converting to Islam.” we come to know this article has not been effective for us and not been written for the purpose of what is article saying and source was not trustable so it has been removed.

I as ur small bro. in islam trying my best to post the posts which are from the Authentic sources, and our mission is just serving humanity (with delivering) the true message of this deen according to our ability though we have lots of other efforts to do and we are not even comparable as other ppl’s services and devotion to dear islam.

I appreciate my brother Steeve London for letting me know about this article and its weak source, and i ask all of u and need all ur supports through ur idea and comments always plz help me.

Jazakallah khayran, and plz don’t forget me and All the Ummah in ur duas :

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