Swedish sister Freja’s Journey to Islam


Assalamu Alaykum

My name is Freja and I am new converted Muslim from Sweden, alhamdulillah..

But my family doesn’t know it because they are not into these things..

You see, in Sweden we see Islam from a whole diffrente perspective because here we are rasied so diffrente to.

So my family think it is like not”matching”our society that have niqab/ -hijab or don’t eat pig and my mother says that we can’t live after rules that was made for over 1000 years!

She have insulted me, get angry at me, maked me so sad and she wants me to stop with Islam and she says that I scare her. When I told her that I want to read arabic in secondary high school she was like “You enjoy to act this foolish?”and she told me that life is more than just a book, and that I should learn life.. And this is a problem because I am Muslim.

I know what is life but she never gives up until I leave Islam. I have found Islam very early, I have just turned 14 years old and people calls me craaazzyy and tells me to wait for the”right choice”.. But who said I didn’t?

I know Islam is the truth and Islam is my way of life and I put my trust in Allah. I am fighting for Allah and for my religion and I will never leave this choice because I feel it in my heart, I am not forced, I have the will and my mother should be happy for me, but she is just disapointed and I am like a shame for the whole family…

When I try to discuss with her about why I choosed Islam she is so stubborn, like she is not even listening because all she can say after my sentence is”Bullshit, Freja”. Astaghfirullah, I can’t do all the things a Muslim is supposed to do. I want wear hijab, I dont want eat pork, I want to feel peace, and I do even though people are against me and mean. I know I have so much to learn ofc, but I also know that this is what I want and noone can ever change that.

Please pray for me, and share my message, I ain’t weak anymore, Allah made me stronger and Alhamdulillah, so glad that he made me go this way to Islam.

“Please share in sha Allah”

4 thoughts on “Swedish sister Freja’s Journey to Islam

  1. Salam Freja,

    When the going gets tough think of one thing. There are two types of muslims, The ones who inherited Islam, like so many muslims that are born into Muslim families and their every action towards Islam is facilitated by others around them.

    The second type are the ones that are chosen for Islam. They go through all that what the friends of Prophet Muhammad went through. The hardship from their family, friends, from their societies.

    My dear you belong to the second type. Just like the friends of Prophet Muhammad 🙂 you are something special. Allah has chosen you for a special service, only special people get test in special ways.

    Like the commandos in army, people like you are chosen by ALLAH for special services. Send behind the enemy lines (enemy is the ignorance about Islam) to fight battles without any support.

    your service is to educate people about Islam, share the gift that you have been chosen for.

    May ALLAH help you with the task and duties ALLAH has placed upon your shoulders.

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