Here’s the story regarding David’s shahadah

Last week on Saturday David was busy selling the ‘Big Issue’ magazine in the city. He was stationed near our dawah stand. He became curious about Islam and muslims. We initiated the conversation asking questions such as: do you know your purpose in life, what happens after death, the difference between a muslim and a disbeliever in terms of attitude and lifestyle, why Islam is being demonised in the media, why it’s important to die as a muslim, the laws of Allah vs the laws of whims/desires, how to gain the pleasure of Allah in this world as well as the next, how to be proactive and take the shahada now before it’s too late and the five pillars of Islam.
After about half an hour David still didn’t feel this was for him so he took the Quran and some additional information on Islam and left.
A week later we met him again today at the same place. This time he was in a happy mood and surprisingly He greeted us with his salaams. He said he started to read the Quran.
It was time to pray Dhuhr so a brother called the adhan. David was mesmerised by the adhan, later he had to go back to work. After we completed the salah, David came back and said he wanted to join us in salah.
From there I sensed a ‘shahada signal’ and then asked David to take the shahada. He took the shahada quite comfortably alhamdulillah.

Yesterday at 5:35pm · Edited ·


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