Our Dear brother Jamal D Omar Give Shahada this woman


Here is her story A 21 year old Nurse named Aysha who is originals from Russia, took her shahada today. Her father is a Professor at SCSU and introduced a couple international Muslims students. I asked her why she left Christianity and she said, ” I was just 16 and I was devoted to the church and loved serving God, but the pastor son had fell in love with me and when I rejected him my mom and I were kicked out the church. I got upset and tore up my bible. I began to ask how the house of God that isn’t owned by any human being could be operated like this. I was devastated and I met my Brothers and sisters in Islam who showed me unconditional love and told me more about Islam but I didn’t take shahada because I had many questions and when I found the answers I was looking for today I took my shahada.


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