EVERY Christian MUST see this VIDEO!!!

EVERY Christian MUST see this VIDEO!!!
Please share this with love for our brothers and sisters in humanity
Alhamdulilah ‪#‎OnlineDawahHour‬ has just begun please share this video with non Muslims. If 10,000 people share this video with three people, then 30,000 people will get to hear the message of ‪#‎Islam‬ in one hour in-shaa-Allah.

Below are three popular Christian pages, please post this video(http://on.fb.me/1OnVQem) in the comments sections of the posts on these pages and leave a comment like ‘Thinking of God leads to inner peace’, ‘Jesus prayed to God like Muslims pray’, ‘What is the best way of gaining peace?’,’As Christians would you agree with this video?’, Every Christian must see this video’ etc.

It’s better to write your own personalized comment. You can also private message this video to people commenting on these pages. Remember to be polite and have the goal to start a dawah conversation.
Bismillah let’s begin… By A. Green

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