Sister Karen Brown’s journey to islam


A blessed soul who found Islam.May Allaah ease all her affairs, keep her strong and guided on the deen, Aameen!

“Assalamu’alaykum.I am Karen Brown, new to Islam. I was raised in a strict Christian home. I am basically an orphan. I grew up hiding from my parents or being knocked around. Everyone thought we were the best family. I doubted Christianity all my life. How can parents call themselves Christians only to do what they were doing to me?

I started asking Muslims to explain there religion. Unfortunately, they didn’t think I was serious. I began studying on my own and finally went to my Muslim boss and begged for help. I wanted something more. All my family lives, but they don’t claim me and have robbed me. I had no hope or reason to live.

I only started getting help in learning in May last year. I started reading on my own in December. I was always attracted to Islam growing up. Females were always covered. My Muslim boss had helped me out a lot. I had lost a place to live and he made sure I had one.

I remember when I was younger, I asked about Islam. My father said he would kill his own than to see his daughter become Muslim. I was terrified to admit Islam was the true religion.

So, 3 months into it, I have had my tire slashed and a family member followed me home and knocked me around. My parents still have no clue. I am terrified of what my parents will do. They are not good people. I learn Islam through books, Facebook and basically that is all. I did Ramadan on my own. I changed my way of dressing by reading books on how Muslims dress. Sadly, I was told I can’t wear my hijab at work.

In all my life I wanted to know what real love felt like. No one cared if I lived or died. Now, I know Allah does. He claims me. I have much to learn and the trials are wearing me down. But, I have hope that Allah will help me.”

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