Must WATCH: Staged ISIS Beheading Video Released by Russian Hackers

A video purportedly released by the pro-Russia hacktivist group CyberBerkut shows a staged ISIS beheading being recorded in a film studio with actors and a director. According to TechWorm, the video was allegedly hacked from Senator John McCain’s laptop. They write:

We CyberBerkut received at the disposal of the file whose value can not be overstated! Dear Senator McCain! We recommend you next time in foreign travel, and especially on the territory of Ukraine, not to take confidential documents. In one of the devices of your colleagues, we found a lot of interesting things. Something we decided to put: this video should become the property of the international community!

The story was picked up by Alex Jones’ Infowars correspondent Paul Joseph Watson, who narrates the above video. In the video he says there are a few options for what the video could be, but dwells on the conspiracy that the United States is behind the rise of ISIS.

John McCain responded to accusations with a tweet:

John McCain


1st they doctored pics to say I met w/ . Now Internet trolls say I staged ISIS executions. Proud to be their #1 adversary!

Takbeer, Allahu Akbar Brother Frank Consolino Embraced Islam


Takbeer, Allahu Akbar Brother Frank Consolino Took His Shahadah and Embraced Islam

he says about his revert:

I was born into a Catholic home and raised that way. At the age of 16 I left the Catholic church for good, at age 20 I started attending a non denomination church that went wrong when the pastor had a affair I found another church attended for a year and found it to be very judgemental and run like a business instead of for God. In the small amount of time I have practiced Islam I have found a joy and understanding that I have never experienced before. Thanks be to Allah for excepting me as I am. Allahu Akbar.

He has been former Michigan State Mayor Candidate.

He has posted on his facebook page about islam, his cover photo “I am Muslim”.


He has commendted on one of his posts regarding the Quranic Verse which Allah swt says:

“Indeed Allah Never Breaks his Promise.”

after lots of negative comments from his relatives and friends about this Quranic Verse he Replied:

Frank Consolino Did not post this for debate but just for myself I believe in this but still respect christian beliefs but that is just not for me. Im sorry my family is practicing Christianity still and respect that completely the only thing I ask in return is for the same respect. I will not debate religion or politics because I believe it is not proper to infringe on others thoughts of beliefs. I value all of you the same as I always have and i hope you would reflect the same.
Hawkes I don’t think any of that! about Muslims!! Just curious why you declared yourself Muslim. Nothing wrong with it, just thought you were a Lifer.

  • Frank Consolino I started researching Islam just for further education on other religions and through that my eyes where opened and my heart was turned to Islam I have found so much peace in Allah (God) and Salah (5 time daily prayer) it is overwhelming. Julie and the children are still christian. In Islam it speaks nothing against a Muslim visiting a christian church so I plan on attending with my family as well.
AND Allah swt the creator of this whole universe says, in the noble Quran:

How parents push their children away from Islam?


At the risk of being misunderstood, I’ll say this: A beard and hijab won’t make your child Muslim. I don’t say this to dismiss the rituals of the religion, but to put the emphasis (first) on something greater.  Just as early revelation focused on the beauty and mercy of Allah, we, too, should impart the good. Then, upon that foundation, we ladle the specifics of worship, the rules and regulations that guide us on this journey. But only in love, we must do it all in love. You’d think that would be a given, but how often do we see children turned away from Islam because of harsh, unbalanced parents? Continue reading “How parents push their children away from Islam?”

Reverted sisters, How i started wearing Hijjab?


“I come from a strong Catholic background and at the beginning of this year, I accepted Islam as my religion. It is the true religion of God, this I know. I didn’t wear hijab straight away but now I embrace my hijab because it shows the world that I love my Lord.
My hijab is not a burden, nor is it designed to offend or impress. It is a token of my faith. I wear it to please my Lord.

At first, it was different wearing hijab. I noticed people acted differently towards me. Some people were negative or hostile towards me, but not even they could make me remove my hijab. It is not them I am trying to please. In my hijab, I feel beautiful and protected.

Allahu Akbar (Allah is great)!” -Jordan from New Zealand