An Irish Republican and staunch Atheist of thirty years accepts Islam


The purpose of writing this is to record my epic journey into Islam and to hopefully enable others to understand that journey. For people who know me will know that this was not an easy straight path ,there were many twists and turns along the way. My new Islamic life began on the 12th of Rabee Al Awal 1436 AH(AKA 3rd of January 2015).
But where did I come from to get to where I am now?Both my parents were devout Roman Catholics,so my early formative years were spent as a Roman catholic,however,by the time I’ve reached the age of fifteen,I became an Agnostic and later I became an Atheist.
I remained a staunch Atheist for over thirty years so how did I go from being in the darkness of atheism to the light of Islam?