Takbeer, Sister Jen embraced islam

Salam alykom.. My name is Jen and I just converted to Islam yesterday.  I have been studying and practicing Islam since June of last year.  Islam saved me and showed me a path when I felt very lost.  I was married with three young children.  Allah gave me the strength to move out on my own with my kids and continues to guide me towards happiness.


Praise to be Allah swt..


Praise and thanks be to The Almighty. May peace be upon Prophet Muhammad and his entire family. May peace be upon the sahabi and their entire families. May blessings be upon the ‘ulamaa and may the entire ummah be granted forgiveness. Ya Allah! I’m weak. You are strong. I’m unreasonable but you are just. Pour patience over me and grant my friends and family guidance and protection. Give us all patience. Cause us to have the proper fear of You that is necessary to be dutiful to Your commands and abstain from Your prohibitions. Give us from Your bounty. You are Al Ghani, Rich and free of all needs. Help us solve our issues whatever they are in the most splendid manner and admit us to Paradise. Ameen.

(continued via reverted bro. Vincent Maurice Harris)

Story of a veteran who served US marines and embraced islam


“As Salaam Alaykum this is my father. He served in the United States Marine Corp from 1967-1970. He was in the Vietnam War. My father has been there for me my entire life. I remember the day I had converted to Islam, many years ago. He supported my decision fully. I had prayed for many years that my parents would become Muslim’s.

My father has many medical conditions from being exposed to Agent Orange during his service.
He has lived with my family for the past 9 years. We take care of him around the clock. My husband takes care of my father the same that I do. Anything he needs even helping to bathe him. Mashaa Allah I always believe because no matter what my father was suffering from.
He still helped everyone.
He would give anything for someone in need.
Mashaa Allah.So we are all here to help him and ease his burdens. In shaa Allah.  A little over 8 years ago my prayers were answered. My father took his Shahada Mashaa Allah Allah Akbar.
To this day I still get tears rolling down my face  when I think of this blessing.
My father despite how hard it is for him physically never misses his prayer. No matter in the hospital, Or bed ridden. Mashaa Allah he is always waiting for the prayer to come. I remember growing up my father had not practiced religion. I had the discussion before he converted. Explaining to my father that Allah Subhan wa taala forgives.
The war has haunted him like countless other veterans. My father is always eager to see other brothers in the store. Saying As Salaam Alaykum to them. Most of the time they walk past him and say nothing in return. My father wears a Vietnam Veteran Ball cap, and usually a Marine Corp Shirt. I see the smile fade from his face as he does not get a reply sometimes.  Unless they see me walk up behind him. I wanted to use this as a message. I wish that in our communities we do not see differences only that we are all the same. .

We have a duty to be kind towards others. Thru that kindness towards my father, he converted to Islam.
There is not a dry face on Eid’s when he goes to the prayer. What a blessing this is Mashaa Allah. May Allah Subhan wa taala always bless him ameen. 
We have a duty to be kind to others no matter if they are Muslim or not.We need to be volunteering in our communities to be beside others. Showing them what is Islam.
Not what they see on TV.” – Eayrs

Sister brooke’s journey to Dear islam


“Assalam Alaikom! My birth name is Brooke but I go by Hanaan now. I was raised in a Southern All-American family. I partied, I drank, I dated, usthagfurAllah. I was never taught the purpose in life. I moved around a lot after I turned 18, meeting Muslims everywhere I went. I was so drawn to Muslims and I never knew why. I started studying and eventually it came to a day that I felt I couldn’t go another day without being Muslim, I took Shahada that night with a Muslim friend after watching Ahmed Deedat and Yusuf Estes videos. The next day was Jummah, and to my surprise my American friend took her Shahadah the same day! I started to wear hjiab every day after that. Of course my family was not happy, and I lost a lot of friends, but I just remember Allah swt does not give us anything we can’t handle. Today I am an American hijabi and I can honestly say I could not imagine myself without Islam.” Hanaan from Texas

sister from Massachusetts journey to islam


Assalam alaikum and peace be upon you All.
I am from Massachusetts  and I reverted in October. I do not come from a religious family but I always felt that I was seeking a relationship with God my whole life. My mother exposed is to many different types of religion as a kid and raised us to be very open minded, tolerant and unbiased.

Now looking back I see that these qualities are what allowed me to accept Islam without being afraid of what others think of me or what society says about Islam. As a teen I began going to church on my own and became a Christian, I was the only Christian in my family and went to church alone for the most part for many years.

Recently I have become close to a friend of mine who is Muslim and comes from a Muslim family. From my friend I learned so many beautiful things about Islam and began to read Qur’an, do research on my own and even began making salaat. I know now that Islam is the truth and Islam is why Allah planned for me all along. I feel that every Detail of my life so far has led me here.

I do struggle with not having many friends and family that are Muslim but know that Allah will eventually make this easy for me. I am facing a lot of backlash from my children’s father for my decision but I know that Allah will make this easy for me because since I accepted Islam things have only improved around me. Alhamdulillah!”

-Converts to Islam
#islam #peace #truehappiness
Alhamdulillah dear sister =)

Former catholic priest passed away, Inna Lilah Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon


Inna Lilah Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon

Idris Tawfiq, a former Catholic priest that became Muslim and touched the hearts of thousands of people from all faiths by building bridges of kindness and understanding has departed this world earlier yesterday.

He had been hospitalised recently in a comma and he returned to his Lord at 8.30am yesterday morning. May Allah admit him to paradise and forgive him for his sins.