Sister brooke’s journey to Dear islam


“Assalam Alaikom! My birth name is Brooke but I go by Hanaan now. I was raised in a Southern All-American family. I partied, I drank, I dated, usthagfurAllah. I was never taught the purpose in life. I moved around a lot after I turned 18, meeting Muslims everywhere I went. I was so drawn to Muslims and I never knew why. I started studying and eventually it came to a day that I felt I couldn’t go another day without being Muslim, I took Shahada that night with a Muslim friend after watching Ahmed Deedat and Yusuf Estes videos. The next day was Jummah, and to my surprise my American friend took her Shahadah the same day! I started to wear hjiab every day after that. Of course my family was not happy, and I lost a lot of friends, but I just remember Allah swt does not give us anything we can’t handle. Today I am an American hijabi and I can honestly say I could not imagine myself without Islam.” Hanaan from Texas

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