sister from Massachusetts journey to islam


Assalam alaikum and peace be upon you All.
I am from Massachusetts  and I reverted in October. I do not come from a religious family but I always felt that I was seeking a relationship with God my whole life. My mother exposed is to many different types of religion as a kid and raised us to be very open minded, tolerant and unbiased.

Now looking back I see that these qualities are what allowed me to accept Islam without being afraid of what others think of me or what society says about Islam. As a teen I began going to church on my own and became a Christian, I was the only Christian in my family and went to church alone for the most part for many years.

Recently I have become close to a friend of mine who is Muslim and comes from a Muslim family. From my friend I learned so many beautiful things about Islam and began to read Qur’an, do research on my own and even began making salaat. I know now that Islam is the truth and Islam is why Allah planned for me all along. I feel that every Detail of my life so far has led me here.

I do struggle with not having many friends and family that are Muslim but know that Allah will eventually make this easy for me. I am facing a lot of backlash from my children’s father for my decision but I know that Allah will make this easy for me because since I accepted Islam things have only improved around me. Alhamdulillah!”

-Converts to Islam
#islam #peace #truehappiness
Alhamdulillah dear sister =)

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