Sister Amirah Mundi’s journey to islam


Amirah Mundy used to be Danielle Mundy before changing her faith on December 17th 2012 . She is 33 years old, Lecturer EAP / EFL, Teacher Trainer, Materials Writer from Worcester UK. She lived in Spain for 3 years and have a passion for learning languages and travelling. She thoroughly enjoys her job and is blessed with two beautiful boys aged 8 and 3.

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Sister Rebecca Lynne’s journey to islzm


Rabat – Rebecca Lynne Alsalemi, the American Muslim whose videos against bigotry toward Islam have gone viral, tells her story on how she converted (reverted) to Islam.

In her latest video, Rebecca opens up her heart and talks about her difficult childhood and the reasons that brought her to choose Islam as her faith and way of life.

Everyone has a story, everyone’s life is a world of its own and Rebecca’s world was filled negativity and challenging experiences that touched her faith to God.

From her lack of spiritual guidance at an early age, her “racist family that hung confederate flags on their home walls”, to attending churches that did not fulfill her, Alsalemi was desperately seeking an answer to all her questions.

Her conversion, or as she calls it reversion to Islam was a life-changing moment that she will remember forever.

“Islam was the best choice for me and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she concludes her touching statement.

Rebecca Lynne Alsalemi, of Native American descent, was born and raised in the U.S. She is a mother and an activist for the defense and support of the Muslim community.

Her fb page:

No Racism In islam

Bismillah No Racism In islam …  this is me and my Husband been 9 years happily married Alhamdulillah  ,  we are only 8 years different from each other .. i’m a tiny small  Indonesian and he is a huge tall Serbian reverts,  its frankly we look so massively  different and many ppl stare at us, but we keep carry on regardless  ,  we are careless about  whatever ppl think of us , Allah  has his own unique way to design his creations, so skin colors , languages , cultures is no longer highly consideration those are  becoming insignificant for us  if you are Muslim … indeed  Beautiful in islam we have no Racism and i dont feel ashamed nor my husband  does, if we  walk  together in public , Allah only sees your heart , your deeds , Your Taqwa everything else doesnt really matter in his Sight ….. moreover he  always be my big teddy bear ☺☺☺ Allahumma Bariklahu

Rabbana hablana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata ayyun wajalni lil muttaqiina imama

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Sister Megan’s journey to islam


Asalaam’Alaikum my brothers & sisters. My birth name is Megan and I’m a proud South African, I always took note of women in hijab and gained many Muslim friends as I grew into adulthood. Alhamdulilah I have been brought into the fold of Islam through my want and need to feel the love and inspiration to have this written into my taqdeer. I make dua everyday to aspire to the women and men of Islam around me and become a Muslima my creator imagined me to be. I am of a very staunch family but shukr they smiled and accepted my choice when I took my shahada. May The Almighty keep you all in his angels arms and protect you and awaken the joy and I’m a an of those worried what others will think of them in this ummah. #hellofromSA #proudmuslim #MyAlmighty

Sister Katt’s journey to islam


Lets welcome sister Katt who reverted to Islam recently.
” Just call me Katt. I am 20 years old. I was formerly an Atheist before I reverted to Islam. Do you wanna know how my dad found out I reverted to Islam?. To make a slightly complicated story short, here’s how it happened:
I was sitting in my car outside my neighborhood in a pull-out after leaving my parents’ house. I was sitting there because I was putting my hijab on so that I wouldn’t have to do it when I got back to college.
A car pulls up next to mine, and I’m sitting there wondering who’s trying to get cozy with my car. I look over at the other car’s driver, and my dad and brother are staring at me.
So I roll down my window and my dad asks me what I’m doing.
“Ummm… I converted to Islam! Surprise!” I said, starting to get teary-eyed. I was so afraid of how my dad would react.
“Oh. That’s why you’re wearing that scarf. Uh… so do you go to church?” he asks. My brother is staying quiet, just kind of watching me. “Yeah,” I tell him, not going to correct him on the word. “You’re not going to tell mom are you? I’ll tell mom myself. I was going to tell you guys on my birthday or something. I converted awhile ago.”
My dad just kind of rubs his temple, like he doesn’t know what to say, and then he says it. “Well, at least you’re worshiping God in some way. We don’t have to tell mom.” And so we cracked a couple of jokes. I didn’t cry in front of him, but I did after he drove off.
Alhamdulillah, I have such a good father.” ~ (Katt)
MA SHAA ALLAH! ALHAMDULILLAH!!! May ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala bless her and her family. Ameen ya Rabbal alameen.