Sister Rebecca Lynne’s journey to islzm


Rabat – Rebecca Lynne Alsalemi, the American Muslim whose videos against bigotry toward Islam have gone viral, tells her story on how she converted (reverted) to Islam.

In her latest video, Rebecca opens up her heart and talks about her difficult childhood and the reasons that brought her to choose Islam as her faith and way of life.

Everyone has a story, everyone’s life is a world of its own and Rebecca’s world was filled negativity and challenging experiences that touched her faith to God.

From her lack of spiritual guidance at an early age, her “racist family that hung confederate flags on their home walls”, to attending churches that did not fulfill her, Alsalemi was desperately seeking an answer to all her questions.

Her conversion, or as she calls it reversion to Islam was a life-changing moment that she will remember forever.

“Islam was the best choice for me and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she concludes her touching statement.

Rebecca Lynne Alsalemi, of Native American descent, was born and raised in the U.S. She is a mother and an activist for the defense and support of the Muslim community.

Her fb page:

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