4th year of revert …


Today marks 4 years that I have been a Muslim. I took shahada on April 5 2012. I never imagined I would be a Muslim which goes to show Allah swt is the best of planners. I never would have planned this for my life if Allah swt hadn’t softened my heart and opened up my eyes. I am so thankful for that every single moment. #alhamdulillah #4years

Can we all take a moment to say #alhamdulillah for Allah’s guidance and mercy and perfect planning?

(Continued via The Texas Muslimah)


3 thoughts on “4th year of revert …

  1. Assalamualaikum, this is an amazing Story of a REVERT Sister | From PASTOR’S WIFE to a MUSLIM

  2. I ask God Almighty, Lord of the Throne of the Great, bless us and you the good seed

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