Sister Victoria’s journey to islam


Asalamualaikum My name is Victoria
I first started learning about Islam in February  2014 the Day was about to come. I identified as a Wiccan but it never felt right to me. It never felt strong. I was so intrigued by Islam. I first started learning about the hijab, niqab, burqa, etc and then I started learning about the religion as a whole and what it was and what Muslims believed in.During this process, I met my beautiful Muslim friend, Shaza, through the World Hijab Day page. She has been so much help to me in my journey.

Anyway, I kept learning about Islam and I found myself starting to believe in God which was something that I never have felt in my life before. Months passed and it was in June 2014, that I thought that Islam was the right way. My friend sent me an English Quran and I began reading it and it tested me and it sometimes frustrated me but I kept reading and I loved it. It taught me that submission to God was key in order to accept God. He is the Greatest, He could never be compared to another being. He is the best there ever is and ever will be. My beliefs actually turned from “How could there be a god?” to “how could there NOT be a god?”

July last year, I made the choice to wear the hijab all the time and embraced Islam. At this time I.was about 90% sure I wanted to be a Muslim. I attended Jummah prayer at my local mosque. This was the first time i have ever prayed like a Muslim and this.was the first time I had ever been inside a Mosque. After that day I was 100% sure I had wanted to become a Muslim and continued wearing the hijab. I took my shahadah soon. It was amazing change I have gone through and the journey that I have taken in , SubhanAllah!!

Islam has already made me such a better person. More modest, more caring, more giving. I don’t care about what people say, or what people think of me. I love Allah. I love Islam, I love my hijab and this is definitely the right path for me. Alhamdulillah that all my loved ones have been so supportive of me. I couldn’t be more blessed and I have.none to thank but the one, the only Allah .


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