Sister Gigi’s journey to Islam

Assaslam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh My name is Gigi, I am from the USA, I took the Shahada in March 2017, my life has completely changed and I’m a better person. I never felt God before until Islam came to my life. I lost many friends, some family, a job and my home, i been through fire but I’m still standing, stronger and better then ever in my life. I’m nothing, Nothing belongs to me everything I am and have comes from my beloved.

One thought on “Sister Gigi’s journey to Islam

  1. Woalaikum salam. Assalamu alaikum my new muslima sister.i am too glad to know you already accept to islam .Alhamdulillah, I am from brazil and borned muslim.if you need any help , please contact to me without shame, as I am your brother. May Allah grant to you earth and after life,Ameen

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