10 years of being Muslim

Brother Mostafa Higazi
#10YearTransformation I share this in hope to inspire others who may feel spiritually at loss. I do not shy from admitting that I was not always a practicing Muslim. I DID have a spiritual struggle growing up and experienced personal hardships.

At the same time, I was always introspective and passionate about the Deen, which eventually led me to accepting and implementing it wholeheartedly to the best of my ability.

So what was my secret? Well, it was no complex formula for my transformation. What worked for me is BEING. Be and you become. The important thing is to WANT change for yourself, and seek your Creator’s guidance towards that necessary change. Transform yourself into a humble servant of the One who created you. In doing so, you may lose out on some finite worldly gains, but in return will be led to a straight path towards eternal infinite bliss.

#ISLAM (submission to the one true God) is the essential metaphysical paradigm that our soul needs. Without it, our hearts and minds remain in a state of distress and confusion. Hence, it is only thru Islam that one may acquire ultimate contentment. It is for this reason, that I have devoted my time and energy to conveying the message of Islam to the general population – out of compassion and care of sharing that blessing (Islam) with humanity.

May Allah make us all of the righteous, keep us guided on the straight path, and enable us to remain steadfast in good actions and deeds. Ameen
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Sister Marilyn’s story to islam

As Salamu Alaykum! My name is Marilyn and I would like to share my revert story! So three years ago I went with my best friend skydiving in Fiji! At first I was like omg let’s do it for the experience this will be so much fun! When I jumped out of the plane I swear it was one of the most euphoric feelings in my life, it was so blissful. I wanted to have that feeling over and over again!

I told myself I wanted to be a skydiving instructor and wanted to get certified because that’s how much I loved the feeling. A few months later I was at a conference and was invited to pray at the Masjid with a Muslim. It was a weird feeling, however, when I put my head on the ground I felt the same blissful feeling when I went skydiving. At that point, tears rolled down my face because I knew Islam was the truth. I reverted instantly and my life took a much needed positive turn.

I went home to tell my parents about my reversion. So I asked my mom if she wanted to grab food at Chipotle. When I took her out I told her that I have been studying Islam. Her response, “oh that’s great as long as you don’t become a Muslim.” And I said “well, I am becoming a Muslim lol!” And she said, “Oh wow, ok as long as you don’t wear that scarf on your head.” And I said “Oh, I am planning on doing that too.” It was def an awkward Chipotle date but alhamdulliah my family has accepted this decision and it is by far the best decision in my life.
Please make Duaa for me