Romnian revert sister’s journey to islam

ALINA’S JOURNEY TO ISLAM: I was born in Romania. I used to love to go to church. When I was 16, I moved to USA. After graduation from University, I met a Muslim man who treated me like no other before, respected me and challenged my beliefs. He took my knowledge about Islam to another level, posed me with questions about my religion without expecting an answer, and showed me the logic and truth in Quran. I researched Islam for 6 months until I found the truth. In January 2012 I took my shahada. I have never felt more peaceful in my life as I did when I converted. There is nothing in the very essence of Islam that does not make sense. Yes, there are many things that we do not have enough knowledge to explain, out of the Quran or out of the Sunnah and Allah swt explicitly tells us in the Quran that we do not have all the knowledge.

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