Christian Sister’s amazing journey to Islam

As-Salaamu-Alaykum warahmatulluh. ❤️
I trust you are well.
I would like to share my revert story.
I reverted in Monday 13 May 2019.

I was raised as a Christian. My dad is a very strong Christian man. He made sure we learned the Bible by heart and live up to it. But it just never felt quite right. Learning the Bible gave me questions in live and not answers. I never felt like I’m praying for the right reasons. Feeling empty in my religion that time made me looking for something else.
One day I heard a Muslim man – that was my client at the time, for I am a Sales Representative – explaining Islam. Out of interest I started looking into it more. I started watching YouTude videos, I followed pages like yours and others to hear the stories of other Reverts. It was 5 months. And then – Ramadan came up. I was not sure if I’m will be fasting or not, because I didn’t revert yet. In our country Ramadan started on the 2nd of May. That morning, 4 o’clock I woke up, without an alarm. I just felt the need to pray so I started praying and then I knew that I need to fast. A week later I reverted.
My journey has still a lot of challenges. I don’t know a lot. But I’m starting to learn. I attend Taleem, even if I don’t understand everything my whole body gets shivers when the woman around me praise the Almighty.
My parents doesn’t know and with the right timing I will inform them. This is one of my biggest challenges. I’m afraid that I will loose them. But with Allah’s help I know I will get the strength and courage to handle every challenge on journey.

I’m so happy. I feel reborn. I’m a new person. ❤️

Reverting was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

Alhumdulillah. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Dear Brother and sisters in Islam,

Please be a good sample of your deen to others,
Be very patient and Kind, helpful with Reverts.
They are new to Islam, don’t expect everything at once.

everything needs time and patience.
Today Islam has been introduced by it’s enemies as a religion of killing, terror and religion of voilence.
If you all walk and talk with the public in the west and even in south korea, all what image they have is:
a very negative thing and thinking about Islam.
They do not have a single information and no body else [today muslims] very less people work in spreading the true message
of peace and love and humanity of Islam.
We all are bound to be a good muslim, honest, kind, caring, respectfull towards ourself firts,
then our parents, wife, our sister and brothers, elders, our neighbors and co workers and everyone else we see.
If we have hijjab and beard with a white hat we represent the deen.
Please inform yourself from your deen, with simple thing of kindness and good morals a person can go to jannah.
meanwhile, jihhad and striving in the way of allah has it’s own place.
but it doesn’t mean we should be lazy in our studies, work, waste our time on games and so on.
we as a muslim have goals in our life.[Worshiping Allah swt and serving the deen and humanity].
The most misunderstood religion even withing the muslims,
our muslim brother and sisters think, it’s good to be lazy, time pass and a dumb guy rather then being a rich plus
honest and a kind muslim.
There is not problem with being rich muslim, working hard and having good business,
beside you can help tousand others [feeding the poor, needy and water well for them through projects like @MATW organization
whihc is a non profit humanitirian org. founded by ALi Banat].

In today’s world take 2 role models:
Khabib Nurmagomedov
Ali Banat
Mesut Ozil
1st two Both are a good sample of Islam, they represent the deen very well.
working hard, plus staying pious and away from evil desires (drinking, gumbling, domestic abuse, girls, cheating,
haram money[income] and so on. ) plus both have goals in life and working for the other muslims too.
the Third (Mesut Ozil) person broke the silence and spoke about the oppression of Uyghurs being raped and killed,
systematicaly brainwashed and married to chinese by the gov. of CHINA,
Ozil lost lots of fans in china, he has been ommited from PES Games, arsenal live broadcast of Match has been canceled,
and eventualy he is now playing with a turkish Club.
There is a hadith of Rasullullah SAW Says, [The biggest jihad is saying the truth to the Oppressor King/Ruler].
Now he might not been a very strict practicing muslims but being a very talented player and speakin the truth while
it might have consequences of losing your wealth and value in the market is not an easy task.
So, now think of yourself!
what you did to your deen?
How much kind, honest, hardworking and humble muslim you are? towards your parents, wife, siter and brothers?
neighbors[even non muslim], co workers?
Have your behavior, hijjab, kindness, help, personality, influenced somebody towards Islam????
If yes, Keep up the good work. (plz don’t forget urself to be reminded and corrected, as no body is perfect).
If No, Nothing is impossible and it’s never too late.

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