I was born Christian .. but I did not feel comfortable

I was born Christian .. but I did not feel comfortable.
After being in Africa (Senegal), where I attended many Muslims, I started to get interested in Islam.
A religion full of love and respect .. and I found it so beautiful I thought about it all the time.
And from one day to the next I went out with the hijab and I was proud of myself .. my parents were against, but I was finally free
Until today this religion filled my heart with joy and freedom. And i say Alhamdulillah( Praise be to Almighty God )

Whosoever Almighty God guides,none can lead him astray and whosoever is led astray cannot be guided.

Almighty God says in the Glorious Qur’an :

“Say [O Muhammad PBUH]: ‘O People of the Scripture [Jews and Christians]: come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship none but Allaah, and we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as lords besides Allaah.’ Then, if they turn away, say, ‘Bear witness that we are Muslims.’”

[Holy Qur’an, Aal ‘Imraan 3:64]

In another Ayah, Allah( Subhanahu wa Ta’ala ) said,

﴿وَمَن يَبْتَغِ غَيْرَ الإِسْلَـمِ دِينًا فَلَن يُقْبَلَ مِنْهُ﴾

(And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him)
[Holy Qur’an 3:85]

In this Ayah ﴿3:19﴾, Allah ( Subhanahu wa Ta’ala ) said, asserting that the only religion accepted with Him is Islam,.

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Revert Muslims

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Trump’s Election Led Me to Islam

☺️ ☺️ My Journey to Islam

Trump’s Election Led Me to Islam By Michael CummingsTrump’s Election Led Me to Islam
Everything I learned about Islam just made sense to me.

My name is Michael Cummings,
but am changing my name too #Ubaidah. This is my story of reverting/converting to Islam.

Well I was raised Baptist in rural Kentucky. But I’ve always been different from my family, especially when it comes to wanting to learn about other cultures. Both of my brothers joined the military and have since both moved on to other career fields after serving in Iraq.

Well one of them is now homeland security and in college to be a Christian preacher. But I had strayed away from Christianity after I started to question the Bible and couldn’t get answers from any preachers, so I started to seek the truth of religion.

I looked into everything from Mormon to Rastafarian, but during the election of trump and all the hatred that came with it, it peaked my interest to find out what Muslims actually believe because all I really knew was what you see on TV and movies.

So I proceeded to research and to ask Muslims what they believe and I ordered a Quran and just started to read.

Everything I learned about Islam just made sense to me. So I decided to tell my mom I was converting to Islam, she was not happy (still isn’t). Then she decided to take it upon her self to call my homeland security/preacher brother and tell him.

So that obviously didn’t go over well. Pretty much everybody I’ve known my whole life see me as an enemy now, but by losing a few family members I gained about 1.7 billion new brothers and sisters.

I am also giving dawah to all my friends and have a few that are very close to accepting Islam Insha’Allah.

I just pray that Allah continues to guide me and my friends and maybe even my family one day.

Allah Akbar.

How I Converted to Islam?

How I Converted to Islam?

2013 was nothing short of miraculous. I would never have imagined at the start of 2013 that by the end of 2013 I would be speaking and writing about God in my life. I remember myself even looking at the really pious Christians and thinking how could religion be even a topic they can get so passionate about?

I couldn’t ever see myself putting God on top of anything else. Life was more important, wasn’t it? But here I am, at the start of 2014, and I am recounting my story in the hope that I might inspire others to begin seeking their own journey to, and with God. God’s Intervention Let’s just say I have never been an active participant in church.

There had been many unfortunate events littering my teenage years that made me skeptical (I shall not recall that), eventually I just became a Sunday church-goer, and God was pretty much non-existent from my life (or so I thought). Well, he did shake me up a little once or twice, but never once did I find it strong enough to start making Him my priority. A hopeless case like me would never have read the Bible or remembered God unless I needed something.

I was spiraling downhill but I didn’t know it. I needed to turn back. God pushed me in the only way He could think possible. And that was through S. It all started as a curious question to him and for the sake of starting a conversation, “tell me about your religion.” Because all I knew of Muslims at that point of time was of women who had to wear hijabs and clothes that weren’t suitable for Singapore’s hot weather, halal food, and fasting.

I don’t even know why I was also afraid when I asked the question, just as I thought it was offensive that I should talk about alcohol or pigs in front of Muslims, or accidentally disturb them when they are praying. One word to describe what I’d think of Muslims- strictness.

It surprises me now why I was so focused on the superficial aspect of their practices, and never once asking about who this “Allah” was that was making them do all this. And when I found out who this Allah was, the same God that had grown up with me, the One True Creator, I was shocked.

Not shocked at the newfound realization, but shocked that I had never bothered to realize it until then. All these while I had thought that Christianity, though imperfect, was surely the right religion because our God was present in his miracles throughout all history, from Adam to Abraham to Moses to Jesus. It simply didn’t occur to me that there would be another religion apart from Christianity that spoke about this same God, or the same Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Reading the Quran for the First Time Well just for curiosity’s sake I decided to download a Quran app for some light reading, and to be honest it wasn’t very light at all.

I got quite a culture-shock (or should I say, religion-shock) as I went through the first few verses of Al-Baqara as every few sentences would warn of punishment and Hellfire if you didn’t pray, or if you disbelieve, or if you commit sins. It was definitely a far cry from the Bible’s interesting storybook-like writing style.

So I remember asking S, why does the Quran sound so scary? His simple answer to me, “Shouldn’t God’s Word be like that?” I was completely baffled. I had this implanted idea that God’s Word should be like a history book (like how the Bible is) to tell us events, miracles and recorded texts from people who lived from that period so that we would read and believe.

Not a book which stated rule after rule like an authoritative parent (which I eventually found to be not the case, but more on that later). So I stopped reading the Quran, and the app lay forgotten (for a while) in the depths of my Google Play Store. Back to True Monotheism Yet God wasn’t done with me. The questions I had since I was younger (but never bothered to ask) started to resurface, one of which was about the Trinity. And this time, I had answers.

True, logical answers in Islam that no matter how much I wanted to doubt, I could not. But still I was stubborn, I could not see how the Bible could be corrupted over time and translation, and I still wanted to seek answers from the Christian perspective. I still believed the Bible was all truth. And with lots of pushing from S (“Read your bible.

Isn’t God the most important in your life?”), slowly, I started to read my Bible. From start to end. I read it with my own basic understanding, and with full conviction that every sentence was true and uncorrupted. I read it without looking for underlying metaphorical meanings. And as I read, the Truth became clearer and clearer (I won’t go through these here, I’ve already covered them in previous posts). Yes, just with the Bible and my simple understanding, the Truth was apparent.

Jesus did not call us to worship him, he called us to worship God. Not once did I see a trace of the Trinity in the Bible (stop linking up patterns!). So I read more, history articles (where I could be sure there were no bias), a few Christian sites which actually talked about the history of the Trinity concept (they were hard to find, but I could be sure they wouldn’t say things which would be detrimental to the faith).

I spoke to nuns, to priests, to my parents. And the answer simply wasn’t there. History never lies, and analogies can never win logic. Deep down inside, the answer was simple and direct, everything pointed to it. I could no longer hypocritically say I was Catholic, because I was essentially rejecting the basis that made Christianity/Catholicism different from Islam, and that was believing in Jesus as God.

Yet I was afraid to declare it openly, because my family and relatives were all staunch Catholics, renouncing my faith would cause nothing but chaos. And at that point of time, I had no other religion to turn to, as I did not know enough of Islam to be convinced of it as well. So for a period, I became a closet monotheist (belief in One God). I still went to Church, but for once I began listening to what I was reciting.

And I took my own stand in stopping myself from reciting the things that I could not bring myself to believe, which was anything other than declaring and worshipping God as One God.

Not Jesus, not Holy Spirit, but God alone. And my unwavering belief in this One God brought me through this period of uncertainty in my life, Alhamdulillah.

How Could You Abandon Jesus? Then came the “how could you abandon Jesus!” self-imposed battle. Frankly abandoning Jesus was the last thing that I could even imagine myself doing. I believed that even as I saw Jesus as another of God’s servants and not God, I still would be following Jesus’s ways and not become a follower of anyone else.

I even looked at a sect within Christianity (Jehovah’s witnesses) which was essentially a restoration of the original Christian beliefs before the implementation of the Trinity doctrine. But deep down I knew it wouldn’t work for me, because just as I needed to satisfy my need for understanding before faith, I also needed the continuing development of the faith that would come after.

I was looking for structure. Then I remember one day when I was at Orchard with S and his friend and we went to Masjid Al-Falah for them to do their prayers, I was sitting outside and as I waited, I started reading the posters placed outside the mosque. One of them wrote of who Jesus was to Muslims (Frankly I don’t know why I don’t ask S these kind of questions, would have been easier, right? But somehow getting my answers from so many other sources give my journey so much more meaning, and is truly a sign of God’s intervention in my life, Alhamdullilah.) And the poster spoke of how Jesus was as important and as loved as Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) as one of God’s messengers. Can’t exactly remember the contents of the poster now but I knew it was one of the most important messages to me to wake me up from my misconceptions about Islam and start to find out more. Starting from Scratch… and Isolation I was starting from scratch, I didn’t know where to start, and like many other people, my idea of what Islam was came from vague impressions formed by 9/11, the Iraq war, really everything about violence.

I didn’t understand why women wore the hijabs or the niqabs (where only the eyes could be seen), I even thought Islam made women inferior to men.

Looking back now I am astounded at how much negativity and misinformation one can get just by being uninterested in the subject. I guess this was also one of the reasons why I was reluctant to even put a toe towards the path of Islam (though it felt so right). But eventually I did put that toe in.

I read the Quran again (just the translated version for now, until I learn my Arabic insyaAllah). I saw Adam, Nuh (Noah), Musa (Moses). I saw Maryam (Mary). And I saw my beloved Isa (Jesus). I read the beautiful Christmas story that I had grown up with, it was there. Every single story that had grown up with me as a child was also in the Quran. Where was the violence? Where was the oppression of women? There was none. In fact, it was all the opposite. I’d very much want to talk about all this, but my post is becoming the length of two essays so I’ll just try to cut the story short.

There were so many things that was going on during this period of discovery of Islam. Looking back now, everything seemed like a perfectly planned out syllabus, directed by God. When I had doubts or questions I didn’t realise I had, I found answers from the places I’d least expect. When I needed comfort, I came across beautiful poems from Rumi. When I felt terribly alone, I found friendship and support pouring in from existing friends, even strangers.

Yet I wasn’t handling it very well on the side of my parents, because there was not just one but two issues we had to deal with, and that was with regards to my discovery about Islam, and the other was about S. When I finally broke the news to them, there were nights, weeks and months of crying, heated arguments, weary faces. Eventually I dreaded going home, and when I did, my door became a shield.

I hadn’t been the best daughter, but this totally took the cake. Yet I did not know how else to react because… no one would understand, unless they too went through it. To others, I’d just seem like I converted just for S’s sake, because well, being so passionately involved in finding God simply isn’t something most people would do, unless they were really pious to begin with (and I wasn’t).

Even explaining myself to my closest friends, I still felt judged. And so I decided to withdraw behind my wall of isolation. Support Then I joined Darul Arqam, where I met people who, like me, were sincerely searching and deepening their faith. Everyone there knew that it didn’t matter the story of who brought us there because it was the path to the Truth, and there was no reason to judge God’s way of bringing us to it. Through listening to the stories of the other converts, some who converted on their own, my wall dissolved, bit by bit. God sent me a miracle through one of my aunts, whom I had previously feared of telling my story because she had a strong story of her journey to God in her Catholic faith, and was a counsellor and social worker in her working days.

Yet God knew I needed someone close to both me and my parents, and I was positively shocked at her responses as I told her my story. She never judged, she understood, and even as I still withdrew into my shell, she made me see that I was never alone, and that there would always be love from everyone close to me.

And most of all, it didn’t matter whether my religion was Catholic, Christian, Judaism or Islam, the most important was that I had found God through it.

(To my parents: I have brought you much pain throughout the past year, and I cannot say how sorry I am for the times I have acted distant and aloof.

Please do not judge Islam based on my actions, and I thank you from the greatest depth of my heart for the magnitude of understanding and acceptance of my choice of path in life. I will always be there for you as your daughter, and I pray to our God, the God we both know, for you.) Coming Together People have told me that the search for God should take a few years, but frankly, can you even put a time frame to such a thing?

Becoming a muslim is simple.

One just has to declare their belief that there is no other God but God alone, and that Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) is His Messenger. And believing in Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) as God’s messenger was also recognizing all the other Messengers who came before him, and that God had been sending them throughout all of history to spread His Word and save us. That to me, was ultimately the most amazing and indicative proof of God’s love for mankind. There was no big revelation, or dreaming of a bright light, or a deep voice telling me to just do it. It was simple, I just knew I had to say out what was in my heart. I remember when I said it, the azan (call to prayer) was sounding in the background. It was pure coincidence, but I felt it was God’s way of welcoming me to the start of my journey with Him.

This is the Start. Is it not amazing that God, our Maker, knows us so well that his ways of communicating is so different and unique to each of us? And who are we to judge on the path he has chosen to lead us to? My journey with God will forever be indicated by my Muslim name, Meryem, after Mary the mother of Jesus. It is meaningful to me because it is the link that harmonizes the teachings of Islam and Christianity, and likewise, I have never abandoned Jesus in reverting to Islam.

There will always be more challenges along the way, and I know I am definitely not a perfect example of a Muslim, but I pray my journey with Him will never stop, and my iman (faith) will grow over time insyaAllah. Just as God brought people to me to guide me to the Truth, I hope that I too can guide others to the Truth, and not limit themselves to the labels of religion. And as Angel Jibraeel (Gabriel) said to the Prophet, “Read! Read in the Name of God who created thee…” likewise, i implore you to read. Because eventually, there is nothing to lose.

There is all to gain. Alhamdulillah! Praise be Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Jewish Revert story; Daniel Marsden


My name is Daniel, I was born in the Orthodox Jewish community and I came to accept Islam when I was studying the Torah. I spent three long days in tears, fearful but then when I prayed for an answer this beautiful faith came swinging. In respect to the Rabbi who later accepted Islam and became the first man to be promised Jannah whilst he was alive, I have the Islamic name of Daniyal Ibn Salam. My love for the Ummah grows more and more, I’m speaking to several about marriage so keep me in your most humble Du’as.

Christian Missionary in Kampala convert to Islam

Via John Fontain

Brother Tim has been attending the street dawah events in Kampala for many years observing as a Christian, after the event he was taking me home on his motorbike taxi and his bike ran out of petrol, we had to tip the bike upside down to try to get it to work so we can get to the petrol station. Whilst we was doing this he said he was watching us speak about Islam and he has been thinking to become a muslim. He had already previously spoke to his wife and he said he also wants to change his name to Ismaeel. Alhamdulilah he took Shahada and he said he wants to learn how to recite the quran. Make dua for brother Ismaeel.

Guidance in Boarding School

1170729_558130984248641_1680264559_nAllah guided me to Islam when I was 14 years old.

My initial readiness to accept Islam and my reversion to din al-fitrah (the religion that conforms to human nature) at such an age seems to imply that I was all but a Muslim already.

But if we were to examine it as a cause and effect relationship, we must first start with the conversion of my friend Nabil in the summer of 1992.

Nabil was born in Africa to Isma‘ili Shiite parents of Indian descent, but he spent his childhood in Canada.

The only contact he had with anything even remotely Islamic was his infrequent visits to the Isma‘ili Jamaat Khana with his parents. Essentially, he knew nothing about Islam.
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2006: More Jews converting to Islam

529411_10151618914354131_451125658_nNew record: 70 Israeli citizens expected to convert to Islam this year – more than twice the number in previous years. Most are cases of Jewish, Christian women marrying Muslim men

Nurit Palter

Published:07.13.06, 00:20 / Israel News

But the trend took a drastic turn this year, and Interior Ministry data showed that in the first half of 2006 alone 42 conversions were Continue reading “2006: More Jews converting to Islam”

6 Great Converts To Islam

Barmakid Family (600s-900s)

The Barmakids were a family of Buddhist administrators from the city of Balkh, in what is now Afghanistan. When the Umayyad Caliphate conquered the area in the the mid-600s, the family converted to Islam. After the Abbasid Revolution in 750, the Barmakids rose to prominence as talented administrators. They carried with them centuries of experience in the Persian Empire of how to manage large government bureaucracies, something the Arab Abbasid caliphs were ignorant of. Continue reading “6 Great Converts To Islam”

why did we choose islam? – famous reverts


Why so many people are coming to Islam ???
Converts share their experiences – Why Did We choose Islam?

Perfect work
Islam’s coherent structure of moral teachin…g and practical life programme attracted me. It is a perfect work of architecture. All its parts complement each other: nothing is superfluous or lacking. – Muhammad Asad (Leopold Weiss)

True freedom
I am attracted to Islam’s concept of One God. Nothing is like Him. This belief in the Oneness of God librates man from servitude to any human being and this is true freedom. The direct relationship between God and His servants also attracted me. – Ibrahim Khalil (Philobus)

Islam is perfection Compared to other scriptures, The Qur’an is like the Sun compared to a match. Anyone who reads the Word of Allah with a mind that is not completely closed to the Truth, will become a Muslim – Saifuddin Dirk Walter Mosig

Inner Peace
When I read the Qur’an, I really felt that this is a belief that I should have. I can’t really explain it, only one who has reverted would understand, because it’s a feeling, an inner peace. – Canadian Sister

Books against Islam
I came to Islam after reading the books written against Islam. I felt that these writers feared the dynamism of Islam. They put it to utter disgrace because they feared it.

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Michelle Hutchins: Why I Embraced islam

“Allah has blessed me in so many ways. He has given me a wonderful family who is very accepting of me, he has given me a wonderful husband whom I can come to with all my needs, a husband who lives Islam and teaches me more and more about Islam everyday. Allah has given me opportunities to share Islam with others and I am forever grateful to Him for His many blessings.”



I was born to wonderful parents who were not always so wonderful. But as a child your parents are all you have, and no matter what they do you think they are wonderful. My parents especially my father drank, did drugs, and occasionally my dad would hit mother. My parents divorced when I was six and my brother was not even a year old, later remarrying again.

At the age of six I was pretty much the caretaker of my brother while my mom worked. We would visit my dad and step-mom on the weekends and that is when I began going to church with them. Junior year of high school was when I decided to except Jesus into my heart and live my life as a dedicated Christian, although I had my struggles to live right. It seems that for everything I did I was going to go to Hell, and therefore I struggled to be perfect so I would not end up in Hell.

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Twenty Two (22) Australians Converting to Islam .. Live

The Link:


22 new Australian brothers and sisters enter Islam after hearing the truth while at a lecture given by brother sheikh Khalid Yasin.

They came up to the stage and took their Shahada (testimony of faith) which goes like this. I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammad is his last prophet and messenger.

The minute a person says those 2 declarations (and of course means them) they are considered Muslims and they are on their way to a new and beautiful way of life, and gain about 1.5 BILLION new brothers and sister.

May Allah make their conversion easy on them in every way, and keep them strong in their new faith.


This video clip is copyrighted by IBC:
You can Download the full lecture and many other Islamic and related media here:

“Surely we are Allah’s, and to Him we shall return.”
[The Holy Quran Sura Baqarah (2), Ayah 156].

“If Allah wants to favor someone, He grants him comprehension (understanding) of this religion.” [Sahih Bukhari vol.1 # 71, Tirmidhi and Musnad Ahmad]

“…The only religion in the sight of God is Islam..” (Translation of Holy Quran3:19)

Joseph Burke’s Journey to Islam

Joseph Burke was raised in New York. Most of his life he lived as Catholics, ranging from Catholic school to university. However, when he was already understand a little about Islam.

“My father had traveled to Malaysia several times, so he had Muslim friends,” he said. Sometimes Joseph’s family to accept them as guests.

Joseph has always had an interest to see the outside world, witnessed the cultural diversity, as well as religious differences. It was curiosity that led him to learn some basics of Islam while embracing Catholicism.

“I was prepared to take courses in religion and I know the basics of Islam. But I do not really understand much until I went to Indonesia,” ungkapya. “It was the first time I moved and lived in Muslim-majority country,” he admits.

Joseph studied electricity in college and 2 years after that he came out and joined a team of energy experts from General Electric as a technical field. He began to frequent travel abroad to work on power projects and build power plants.

The first time to Indonesia in 1994, he went to in order to work on the establishment of power plant projects. In Indonesia, he admitted that he enjoyed meeting with local people. “They are people who are very friendly and very open and excited to be involved chat with you because you are different,” she said her experience.

Living in Indonesia he began to learn about Islam. Two years later, 1996, he pledged his Islam. I married shortly after that, we traveled again, then settled back in New York in 2002 after a short stay in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Thailand as well.

Why is he interested in Islam? “I have a deep understanding of Catholicism. I think that led me to Islam is a logical nature. As an engineer, I really appreciate something that is logical,” said Joseph.

“That’s what I feel when I talk about Islam and lived among Muslims. I feel the same fraternity that they are for and it really encouraged me anyway.” said Joseph.

When he went to Australia and Malaysia after becoming a Muslim, he studied Islam more deeply. “I take classes and learn from others, and how they brought to me is really piercing and create awareness that as this is the right way.”

After embracing Islam, Joseph Burke admitted his family were so surprised. “But I think they can understand my decision,” he said. Joseph’s family has an open mind and they always respect all people, especially the monotheistic beliefs.

“I think they looked at me to worship based on the way I believe and they appreciate it,” he said. But Joseph also feels the need to explain to his family why he decided to embrace Islam. “Maybe that would get rid of skid also understanding that we have in the United States about Islam, and their exceptional very supportive.”

Now Joseph is not only a Muslim, he was active in Islamic activities and organizations. Today he became director of one branch of the Council on American-Israel Relations (CAIR) in the U.S.. “We, part of the advocacy group for American Muslims, are basically trying to try to remove some slippage understanding while helping Muslims in the case of freedom or civil rights,” said Joseph. “We’re trying to bring Muslims to sit down with U.S. society and introduce them to the wider community.”

When plunging preaching, he and his colleagues are always working mengkui carrying Islam to the American taste. The struggle for the rights and freedoms sipili Muslims is the main activity. “Every Muslim who was discriminated against because they are good Muslims in the workplace or government agency, we try memantu them. Now we are dealing with several such cases.”

Although he admits discrimination against minorities is often encountered, but one big thing that he acungi thumbs up life in America is the law on religious freedom and accommodation to worship according to his religion, especially in the workplace.

“But the problem, many workers did not know this and we make them understand what it’s like what forms of worship and accommodation of religion, such as praying or hijab or beard for men. We continue to socialize it to make sure they understand and they may ask for this right in workplace, “said Joseph.

In another sense, many Muslims are facing problems at work because the boss would not let them pray, scarf, or even grow a beard. “That’s what happened, such as wearing hijab in a work environment that has a uniform policy. But the law on our side and that’s what we try edukasikan,” said Joseph.

Andrew Young’s Journey to Islam

Adventurous spirit brought Osman Andrew Young traveled to explore exotic places around the world, met with a variety of people including those who according to Osman as the “best people”.

For Osman, Islam is not a stranger because he had studied the history of Arabic at the University of St. Andrew, Scotland. His trip to various places in the world, not only introduce further in Islam but also introducing the art of calligraphy which he elaborated until now.

At the age of 18 years, Osman had to travel overland along the North Africa. He visited Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Without the provision of good Arabic, without the provision of money and not knowing what to do, Osman has always met with the people who helped him, and touched by their kindness in his heart, so sometimes he stayed for days at a place.

“One time, in a village in the interior, several small children who for days my attention, emerged from a house and brought food,” said Osman.

Experience suggests that he personally experienced during travel to Muslim countries in North Africa, is the first contact with the Muslim community.

Osman is very interested in the ancient writings that he met in every way, from the ancient Greek letters, letters hieroglyphic Egyptian and Arabic forms of the letters which he had seen during his adventures in North Africa. His curiosity was so great to be able to understand the foreign letters, especially letters of the Arabic alphabet.

“Although I am not too familiar with the Arabic letters, I still remember the letters that had studied the history of Arabic. Therefore, when I studied classical Arabic, I could easily memorize Surat Yusuf. I do not understand its meaning, but I am very interested in the beauty of the sound of words the letters of the Koran, “said Osman.

Finished college, Osman had moved and lived in London, but only six months. He feels isolated physically and emotional, his soul is not connected with life in the city. He then read the ad about the opportunity to work in Egypt. Osman took the chance. He headed off to the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

On the way to Cairo, OSMA had stopped briefly in Sudan. Already she saw as a country that most of its territory is desert, but there he met with people whose attitude is warm and friendly.

“All the people are Muslim. They pray and behave well. They are simple people, and wear traditional Muslim dress,” said Osman who is often invited to eat into the house residents. Muslim communities in Sudan friendliness make him feel at home as at home. He compared life in Europe which he said masyarat individually and sometimes rigid.

“In Sudan, the behavior of people who either creates openness that can accept you, no threat. You will feel safe there,” said Osman.

In 1984, Osman during the five-day trip to the mountains of Jabal Mara in Darfur. He climbed mountains, and visited the villages that were located up to many hours on foot from one village to another. Osman witnessed the extraordinary beauty of his way to Jabal Mara.

“Not just the beauty of the landscape, but here, in the middle of a very remote area, you could see a farmer who prayed alone. The sight made my heart was touched, this person does not show off in worship. Darfur is an amazing place and very interesting,” he said.

He also witnessed other visitors whose numbers approximately 50 people, always perform prayers together. At night, when Osman sleeping in his sleeping bag, he heard the faint of people read the prayer.

However, an unforgettable experience when he did climb into the mountains of Jabal Mara, when she met someone who knew when he ate at a small shop. The stranger then took Osman to a small cottage. He gave his place to sleep for Osman, while the stranger sleeping on the floor instead. In the morning, on awakening, Osman saw the stranger was praying with khusyuknya.

After a stopover in already, Osman arrived in Cairo, Egypt. In the State of this pyramid, Osman met with the community of converts who advised him to take part in the event of Al-Quran reading and recitation. Initially, Osman did not pay much attention to that suggestion. New year later Osman follow that advice.

During the previous year, Osman as drawn from life and the world because I was busy thinking and writing. Osman train his flexibility by doing yoga, meditation and spending time with membaca.Tapi sometimes he still feels his soul is empty. Osman then discussing with a friend over the phone, which again suggests Osman to join the show read the Quran and remembrance, and Osman finally agreed.

“The timing is right for me. I see people come together, to run over and sit on the road. With a little nervous, Osman met with two big men dressed in shalwar khamis (suit trousers and long shirt typical of Muslims) and turban in his head. The two men were warmly welcomed Osman.

Osman still remember the first time he attended the event which suggested his friend, he joined the prayer, and afterwards, Osman so enjoyed reading the Quran and remembrance. “I feel like to hear something so familiar to my ears. The voices seemed to chime in and bring a very strong impact for me,” he added.

“It’s hard to explain, very beautiful and amazing. Even in the part they dwell for a moment, I seemed to see the light that encourages feelings of my spirituality. I feel like coming back to the show,” Osman continued.

He completely re-assembly and diligently follow the Quran and remembrance, until really felt he had found Islam and decided to become a Muslim. While following the assembly, Osman also studied calligraphy. He was very eager to learn calligraphy. “This is a wonderful way to express thoughts, ideas and feelings,” he said.

Calligraphy eventually become part of Osman’s life now. “My heart was adrift since it first came to the assembly that the Quran. At the same time I discovered Islam, I found my identity, and the ability of the continued rise in beautiful calligraphy,” said Osman. (Ln / IG)

Christina Morra Convert Story

My name is Christina Morra and was born into a Christian family. I have three brothers and three sisters. We stopped going to church when I was six years old. We believe that it is better to read the Gospel at home because we can not find the church with doctrine can we obey, so we better stay home. I am convinced that the religious attitude of the family that caused me to embrace Islam. I also believe that the journey to Islam began when I was newborn. One case that I learned in Islam is the concept of nature. This means that every child born in a state of purity, free from any sin. Therefore, we can call a child or baby as a Muslim.

Only a mother who taught her bapaknyalah to be a Jew or a Christian. I was so interested in this Islamic belief because I agree wholeheartedly. The fact that Muslims are trying to come back in a state of purity and become the best person can be right in my view.

I got to know Islam from some of my Muslim colleagues on the internet. Not all of my Muslim friends, but Thank God I’ve got some good Muslim friends. Previously I did not know anything. Only, I am reminded of a Muslim who worked with my father. At that time I learned to say “hai”.
I was attracted to this person who looks gentle and peaceful, and dressed completely in white. Slowly a new me that greeted the children is a good deed.

I once wrote an article related to the inclination and my interest to learn about different cultures and humanity. When I learned in high school. The article got the attention of our tutor. My English teacher also praised the article. When the time passed, my relationship with Muslims is also increasing. I became more interested in learning about Islam.

While in college, I took a religion course. Unfortunately, the material presented does not provide much information about Islam. I feel to be learned is Islam. Therefore, I took a course of classical Islam. I also learned the Persian language because it is so interest to learn the language. Cool with interest that I struggled to make me decide not to continue studying the field of architecture.

My good friend, Ehsan, one whom I knew through the internet, is a good friend to learn the Koran. I am asking a lot of issues relating Islam to him. He came from Iran to see me in America. We met in Texas. I also met with Iranian citizens crowded in there.

Filipino actor Robinhood Fernando Carino Padilla who converted to Islam

“The past is a problem then. I’m not a ‘kid’ again. I am now a ‘man’, the nickname ‘Evil Man’ did not seem to wear, but that’s part of my past,” said Carino Robinhood Fernando Padilla, actor Filipina who had been idolized by many people in the era of the ’90s through the film-action movie that starred.

Better known by the name of Robin Padilla, past the man who was born of Protestant Christian family, was dark even though his life as a famous actor wallowing in luxury. But the popularity of luxury and it’s a plunge into the world of night full of sinners. He was trapped in the lives of street thugs and drugs, thus making its popularity had declined.

The actor who was nicknamed “The Bad Boy of Philippine Movies Action” for his role as a member of a cold-blooded gangster in a film, the police have to deal with the Philippines because of football that has been categorized terjangnya criminal. In 1994, Philippine police arrested him and Padilla was convicted on charges of illegal possession of firearms. The court sentenced him to 21 years in prison, but in 1998 he was released.

Past experience in prison was a life-changing Padilla. He became acquainted with Gene Gallopin, a Muslim and human rights activists to Muslim minority communities in the Philippines. Robin began to know Islam from the long discussions about religion with Gallopin who is also a convert, so Robin decided to convert to Islam and used Islamic name Abdul Aziz.

Islamic actor born in Manila, Philippines, 23 November 1967 is not much revealed by the mass media, so many fans were surprised Padilla who really know their idol actors turned out to have become a Muslim.

Shortly after Padilla bersyahadat, named his wife Liezl, also converted to Islam. Couple converts were blessed with five children, began life as a Muslim family. Padilla is still continuing his career as an actor, but after becoming a Muslim, he also did a lot of socio-religious activities.

Activities in the field of religion, made Padilla repeatedly exposed to bias. He was even accused of having an affair with the Abu Sayyaf, a Muslim group in the Philippines who is identified as a radical and terrorist groups. But for Padilla, there may be bias it is a challenge for him to live a life as a Muslim-majority country was Catholic pendudukanya.

Padilla also formed an advocacy agency to help the Filipino Muslim community. He has been appointed as an ambassador for Malaria Eradication Movement by the Department of Health Philippines because gait Padilla organizations in tackling the outbreak of malaria in the country.

Padilla also managed to collect a fund of one million pesos kegiataan Fililpina in raising funds to build a Muslim cemetery in Norzagaray town, Bulacan province.

Establishing Madrasah

In education, Padilla mewakafkan his land in Fairview Park, Quezon City to establish educational institutions of madrasas for Muslim children preschool age.

“The students will get to read Al-Quran lessons from teachers selected. They will live in a dormitory in the same location, shall be exempt from school fees, books are given free, including boarding fees, “said Padilla.

The idea to establish madrasas came after he visited the islands of Basilan and Jolo in southern Philippines, which is part of the Mindanao region, an area in the Philippines is predominantly Muslim.

“From my visit to Mindanao, I found the root of the most pressing issues in there. The lack of education makes kids retarded Muslims there,” Padilla said.

At the beginning of its establishment, there are only five teachers at the school, who have undergone training on international Islamic schools in Turkey. Padilla said he actually wanted to hire teachers, local university graduates, but the costs were more expensive.

“When the foundation management Fountain International School in Turkey to hear the plan we set up Muslim schools in Manila, they declare willing to help provide training for teachers free of charge,” said Padilla.

Asked about the conflict in Mindanao between the Philippine government and Muslim community, Padilla said, “I saw the short-term solution to resolve the conflict in Mindanao, the Philippine military withdrawal from the territory. Throughout the military forces still exist, there will be no peace in Mindanao, “he said. (Kw / TT)

Islam is Beautiful and Simple Michele Ashfaq from New York United States

There are wise words that say, one good example is more powerful than a thousand suggestions. Wise words to describe that to give an example by showing a good attitude and behavior, will leave a deeper impression on other people, than if we spit a lot of words and give advice.

That’s what Michele experienced, women from New York, who knew and eventually attracted to Islam because he was impressed with the character of the man who now became her husband. Muslim men were not only teaches etiquette and hygiene, but also gives a real example on Michele through everyday behavior.

“He just told me many things about Islam, but I’m the one who then started reading Islamic books sent by the father-in-law of Pakistan now. That’s what I initially wanted to find out what it is Islam, “says Michele Ashfaq who previously embraced the Catholic religion.

Before getting to know Islam, Michele admitted through a phase of life that are not targeted. He was puzzled what else to do but raised as a Catholic, but believe in their religion and pray. In the confusion, Michele had moved the congregation, he follows the pilgrims Baptist Church along with his grandparents.

“When I was 17 or 18 years, I experienced a strange event. He was in pernjalanan to the Catholic church when it was suddenly as if someone had whispered to him not to go into the church, “says Michele.

Since then, he began to feel reluctant to come to church. Once arrived, he would be late to church, or there are things that make it off go to church.
“When I studied back, was incredible that they happen for a reason. At that time I was in a state of binging and do not know anything about Islam. My people are naive and do not know anything about other religions. All I know, that time I lived in a very remote town in southern West Virginia with my grandparents. And I live just round the church-house, the house-church, “said Michele.

As described above, Michele know Islam from Muslim man from Pakistan who is now her husband. Next, Michelle learned about Islam from books he read.

Michelle was deeply impressed with the simplicity of Islam. “Islam is simple and easy. That’s what drew me to Islam. I can read and understand the Quran. In stark contrast to when I was at church, we were not advised to read the Bible or books to be understood. We were just told to listen to just what diceramahkan pastor. At that time, I’m a just a lot of asking questions, “added Michele.

Two things he asked seriously when it is about confession of sin and why he should believe in Jesus as savior. He still remembers how her mother forced her to meet with the pastor at the church and to confession as did the Catholics in general. For Michele, it’s very strange tradition. “For what I came to a man and confess my sins. I knew he was pastor, but he’s not my father! “Said Michele. At her age when she was a teenager, he felt the tradition that is not true.

Then, about the conviction of Jesus as a savior for Catholics. Michele questioned what about the followers of Prophet Abraham, the people who existed before Jesus came. “If they told me if I do not believe in Jesus, then I’ll go to hell, then what about the people before Jesus existed? Though Abraham was also a prophet and has also had a follower, “says Michele.

That’s two big questions about Catholic doctrine, and he was not ever get a satisfactory answer and reasonable. From the spiritual side, it makes Michele frustrating situation.

“But the moments that most makes it frustrating is when he did not meet with my husband. I really do not know what I should do, do not know where to worship, time was running very slow, and I ask God, why all this happened, why I so can not be going back to church, I never even dreamed of goal to become a nun, “said Michele.

Anxiety was answered when Michele Michele explore Islam. He said, “When you study the religion of Islam, it feels like you’re learning how to live life as human beings,” said Michele, another thing that answers all the anxiety Michele is memberkan charity or prayer requests.

From start to convert to Islam until now, 12 years Michele has embraced Islam. Mothers who are blessed with three children and worked as a first-grade teacher in North Carolina states that Islam has brought a distinct change for him.

“It’s hard to explain with words about the difference that I experienced after converting to Islam. I felt peace in Islam, is extraordinary. I have a direct relationship with Allah, “says Michele.

“But the biggest difference is the time to read Al-Quran. Al-Quran contains instructions and advice, if you have any questions there are answers in the Quran. (Oi)

Steven Gets guidance of Chinese and Islam

this Chinese guy did not expect her hatred of Muslims embrace Islam to bear fruit. In his eyes at that time, Muslims are nothing more than a group that gave him and his family a bitter experience.

Steven was angry and determined to reciprocate. He studied Islamic philosophy, understand the ins and outs of that religion, and debating with anyone who is a Muslim. Until finally, Steven discovered the truth of all he had learned.

Steven berislam 11 years ago, when she was just 19 years. Truth of Islam which led to the religion of God, rather than admiration in anything or anyone. “I learned (Islam), not inspired by anything,” he said.

In fact, he claimed to hate the Muslims at that time. 1998 riots saw as a form of facial imaging which is a predominantly Muslim Indonesia. “It was a bitter experience for Chinese citizens. At that time, I lost several relatives who were killed because massacred. “

A few years before the national crisis, when Steven was sitting in elementary school, his parents sent him to Catholic boarding up late grandmother’s will. A teenager, he followed the teachings of the Catholic seminary to deepen. There, the philosophy of Islam to be one area of science be explored.

Post-traumatic events of 1998, Steven mempertekun pendalamannya of Islamic Philosophy to pay for his anger. “I certainly could not retaliate with violence is a physical war, especially by killing. Because of that, I was determined to beat back their creed, “he growled.

Thus, Steven studied Islam for ‘revenge.’ Blessing pendalamannya, he was always ready and confident to argue with any Muslim who met. “Another weakness of Muslims found in those days, when most of them unable to answer fundamental questions about their own religion,” he said with concern.

Steven continues to equip themselves. He continued to study, until finally know that the true teachings of Islam. Muslim hatred he had felt did not prevent him to accept the truth of Islam.

“All who taught Islam properly. Seeing the Muslims who do not behave well, I see it as a mistake that comes from them. They do not behave according to Islamic teachings, “he said.

Nur Rahman Hakim Guidance That Comes Through Dreams

The figure was boned man looked down at the middle of the northern corridor mushafnya at Salman Mosque in Bandung. At first glance, a man named Nur Rahman Hakim (32 years) it seemed like most of the congregation who is charging time to recite after ‘Asr.

When spoken to, spoken Islamic scholar graduate of Medina, Saudi Arabia was also fluent reciting Koranic verses. But when examined, there is little pressure typical of the eastern part of Indonesia in his voice every time Nur pronounce the sound ‘e’.

Brown skin and lateral line also implies that the firm faces muasalnya from distant regions. ” At first my name is Thomas Consesao,” said the man was born in East Timor. Name he held for a dozen years, before moving to become a Muslim.

Nur emigrated early in the process is not privileged. He did not remember the exact date when the creeds say for the first time. ” Islam in junior high, it’s 1992 or 1993, “he said as he tried to recall. At that time, the Government of Indonesia was held in the provincial military operations into the 27′s.

TNI instructed that all East Timorese religious re-register. Nur teen who likes to try new things is to propose to my father, mother, and his brothers to ‘try’ to register themselves as adherents of Islam.

Proposals received without much consideration, although they could have put back the old religion as an identity. Initially, her family embraced Catholicism, but also still strong local practice animism.

Before the military operation, Nur said, there are no indigenous Muslims in Los Palos, the capital of the eastern districts of Timor Island. The new Islamic identity was widely introduced by the soldiers who served there. In addition, even associate Nur Muslim figure with Suharto that his picture in the classroom.

” The Muslim president, so it’s great, “he said with a chuckle. Finally, the family joined the ranks of hundreds Consesao converts to give shahada in the mosque led Ustaz Attaqwa Subhan, Los Palos. Conscious of his religious knowledge is shallow, Nur diligently every day to recite the The only mosque in the Los Palos.

He was eager to walk to the mosque from his home in the village of Natura, although the distance is three kilometers apart. This routine lasted for about three years. In those days, worship Nur rudimentary. Because not understand that prayer should be five times a day, he was just performing routine Maghrib and Isha prayers.

Read the Koran was stumped because there is no modern learning systems such as Iqra method. Yet he often listened to lectures to increase knowledge of religion. On a dark night, the guidance is up to Nur. Real picture of Resurrection, which he often heard in the lecture, present in detail a detail in front of him.

At that time, he was sitting in class III SMP. In the dream, she cried uncontrollably then horrified to wake up. “I found myself crying, I was a wet blanket.” After that, he had azzam will study Islam seriously.

Techniques to take your lessons with a complicated system of Baghdadi he devoured immediately. Within four months, Nur was erased Juz Amma rote. He also won the second championship race as Los Palos tahfiz held to enliven the Ramadhan.

Curiosity Brings the father of United States Ron Mastro Reading the Quran and Islam

Regardless of the many controversies associated with the figure of Harun Yahya’s works, but some of the works of Harun Yahya has made a lot of people woke up and began to study Islam, one of which was called Ron Mastro who became interested in Islam after reading one book by Harun Yahya.

And follows the journey of Ron Mastro found Islam:

My name is Ron Mastro, and I want to tell you today how I was interested in reviewing and converted to Islam after reading the works of Harun Yahya.

When I was a kid, I was raised a Christian in the United States. I went to church every Sunday and I went to Sunday school, just like other American kids do. But when I was ten or eleven years, I stopped going to church, because I could not find the answer I was looking, and it makes me sad, not the explanation I received from the church can not satisfy me.

In my teenage years, I have left all religions together. Even so, I have never done something “bad,” but I forget the Lord, sya forget that God exists and God loves all mankind.

In the early thirties, I moved to the capital city of Prague in the Czech Republic, a beautiful city full of stunning architecture and a lot of fun.

One day, when I was on my way home, I stopped at the train station, and at the train station there is a small bookstore. I found a book in English titled “Matter: The Other Name for Illusion” by Harun Yahya. That I finally bought the book.

Discovering Islam

I brought home a book and started reading. And when I read this book, I realized that many of the questions I have on the youth could be missed. What is the nature of reality? What is truth? These are questions that can not be answered for me in my years as a young man.

Long story short, the more I explore the books that I read made a lot of things that begin to make sense to me. I began to understand and grasp things at a much higher level than before.

Curiosity with Islam managed to make my holy book the Koran. So, I started reading the Koran (translation, of course) from the first chapters. And when I finished reading it, a few days later, in my heart I realized that I have dealt with the truth. Alhamdulillah.

I realize that the Koran is really the word of God as revealed through the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. It answers so many questions I have; questions about Jesus, the question of Moses, Daniel, Ezekiel and many of the other great prophets of God, peace be upon them all.

And I began to realize slowly to gradually open my heart so that the way Islam is the true way to know God, and Islam is the true religion for mankind.

Today I live in Germany, I have a good job, I am very pleased with what I have, I am very pleased with what I do. I prayed every day, and I know even if I have done bad things in the past, God will forgive me for my sins.

Indeed, Islam is a religion for all humanity, and Islam really are all from Allah, Alhamdulillah. (FQ / oi)