No one knows what will earn tomorrow!


When I embraced Islam 6 years ago and decided that I could not learn my new faith in safety or wholly where I lived Allah opened doors for me to move to the other side of the world in Cairo, Egypt .. for this decision .. I have lost most of my family and many of those who said they were friends but subhan’allah .. Allah (swt) has given me a wonderful Muslim husband and NEW FAMILY who accepted me and who have been so patient in helping to teach me about my Deen .. alhamdulillah .. Allah has blessed me so much .. allah Akbar

(august 19 @ 6:41 pm by, (reverted sister Carolyn Elaine Wallace )

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, a dear sister that I know just began wearing the hijab, and she is being tested by Allaah with it. Her manager first ridiculed her, then told her that since her 90 days isn’t up yet, they could fire her for any reason.

She called me crying saying that she was about to lose her job, and that she couldn’t afford that. I told her that she has forgotten who had given her the job in the first place- Allaah. That He is the provider, and that He will help her find a better job in’sha’Allaah. This is a just a test for her. A fw hours after I spoke to her, subhana’Allaah- Allaah gave me an idea, He found her a better job. I told her that I there was a job who would accept her as she was, and that she would have the weekends off…subhana’Allaah. Don’t give up on your religion…be strong Allaah will always find a way out for you!!! Have trust in Him!

I wanted to share this with you all, because many of us when we begin to practice we think no one will accept our new way, and that we will lose our friends, our jobs, etc. Don’t be a people pleaser, please Allaah first, and the rest will fall into place.

May Allaah help all of our sisters and brothers around the world who are trying to come closer to Allaah to be strong. Ameen. Ya Allaah may you help us be patient and persevere through the difficult times. Ameen.


Reverted sisters, How i started wearing Hijjab?


“I come from a strong Catholic background and at the beginning of this year, I accepted Islam as my religion. It is the true religion of God, this I know. I didn’t wear hijab straight away but now I embrace my hijab because it shows the world that I love my Lord.
My hijab is not a burden, nor is it designed to offend or impress. It is a token of my faith. I wear it to please my Lord.

At first, it was different wearing hijab. I noticed people acted differently towards me. Some people were negative or hostile towards me, but not even they could make me remove my hijab. It is not them I am trying to please. In my hijab, I feel beautiful and protected.

Allahu Akbar (Allah is great)!” -Jordan from New Zealand


Masha Allah!!! Please welcome sister Lina from Cambodia to Islam


Masha Allah!!! Please welcome sister Lina from Cambodia to Islam. She reverted today at Al Hallam Masjid in Melbourne at Jumaah prayer . Her sister Medina who reverted earlier in the same Masjid tells all the reverts in our page:” There is always hope for your family to come to Islam”.


My 2 churches in Texas Lead me to Islam!

For any one seeking the Truth.. We pray Allaah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) will guide them with the light of knowledge and understanding. “So whoever Allaah wants to guide – He expands his breast to [contain] Islam…”

Let Allaah do His mercy.



My Story By Noureen Roberts (USA)


My hijab is empowering and powerful
My Story By Noureen Roberts (USA)

I am 24 and recently reverted to Islam. I have been wearing hijab for just over three months now.

I don’t just like my hijab, I love it. It has become such a part of me and I would feel very off without it. The first day that I started wearing it, it just felt so right.

My hijab is not a burden or a pain or a nuisance. It is not hot or itchy. It is not in the way, annoying, or cumbersome. It is not time consuming or ugly. It is not oppressive or restrictive; it does not prevent me from doing anything. My hijab is nothing bad, nothing negative, and nothing harmful.

My hijab is pretty and nice and awesome. It is comfortable, warm, and protective. My hijab is empowering and powerful.

My hijab reminds me that I am always in the presence of Allah swt. It reminds me of my faith and to stay strong in it.

My hijab says please don’t be negative around me; I don’t have room for your darkness. It says make small talk with me. It says I am strong. It says look at me with respect; look at me not my body; have interest in me not my body. It says please refrain from hitting on me because I do not need your remarks.

I would take what I have now over what I used to have any day. People do not hit on me; I do not get cat-calls. I can just go out and not be bothered, or if people talk to me there is no underlying intention.

My hijab lets me know that I am too beautiful, too precious, and too important to be put on display. It tells me that I am something more than I ever realized.

That is why I choose to not only wear, but love my hijab.


French sister Barbra is sharing her very moving story of converting to Islam