Japanese brother revert journey to Islam

My name is Kyoichiro Sugimoto, Japanese Muslim Revert. I am originally from Seki, Gifu, a city famous for its production of traditional Samurai sword for the last 800 years. I am now living in Chiba, a residential suburb in the metropolitan Tokyo area. My journey to Islam has started from my first visit to Bangladesh in 1996.

Allah brought me to Islam through heartwarming kindness of the local Bengali people while the country has too many poor people. I realized this positive attitude should be stemmed from the teaching of Islam for they are Muslims. After reading the Japanese translation of the Qur’an in a few days, I was impressed by the clear concept of God and the life after death. “And do not invoke with Allah another deity. There is no deity except Him. Every thing will be destroyed except His Face. His is the judgement, and to Him, all of you will be returned,” the Qur’an 28:88 says, rejecting or ignoring God, Ultimate End and the next life seemed to be my major problem. I responded to my inner voice and accepted Islam in 1997. Now I am collaborating with iERA as the International Outreach Specialist for Japan. For the sake of Allah swt, I have 3 main activities: – Conveying the message of Islam to non-Muslims by opening up Fitrah or human primordial nature through heart-warming human relationships, motivational talks and education. – Empowering both New Muslims and Young Muslims through education and training so that they can continue and expand the Prophetic Mission in and out of Japan. – Promoting multicultural community cohesion between Muslims and non-Muslims in Japan through local events, campaigns and networking. Would you like a share in Kyochiro’s Dawah in Japan? Imagine all the non-muslims he will speak to about Islam Support the Dawah => donate.iera.org The Prophet (saw) said ‘’…the most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even though it were little.” Do the most beloved deed => donate.iera.org Your money will not only support the Dawah in Japan but across the world in South America, Europe, Asia and more!