Finding peace of mind and contentment After Revert to Islam Mrs. Fox Giant British Craft

Finding peace of mind and contentment make me to know Islam, and because of this I started to read books these days of Islam and Alhamdulillah I am a Muslim, said Ms. Khadijah, a British Muslim convert formerly known as Giant Fox Craft a confidante reveals the interview with a correspondent for an Indian daily, Siasatnews.

He said, as a Muslim, he wanted to serve the welfare and prosperity of society, because the Muslims away from social activities because of lack of effort to alleviate poverty of the Muslim community.

Khadija’s mother told her that he did not have contentment when he lived as a Catholic Christian family, though he has all the freedom and luxuries in his family.Khadijah who came from England said that before embracing Islam he spent his life of luxury, she spends her time singing and dancing, but despite all this, he felt no satisfaction in his heart.He said his condition to his friends. Meanwhile, he met with some Muslim friends who persuaded him to convert to Islam.

Khadija’s mother who is a teacher said, when he was studying Islam she felt a strange change in his life. He started learning the basic principles of Islam, after which he felt satisfaction that he has been looking for since many years.He said he aspires to establish a modern orphanage in the city of Hyderabad and other cities in India for poor children and orphans. (Siasat News)

French Rapper Abd Al-Malik who Accepted Islam

Abd Al-Malik

As a rapper, in early Islam, Abd al-Malik was upset when I heard Islam is not in line with his chosen musical art. In his autobiography, titled Sufi Rapper (2009), Abd al-Malik said the French rap culture born in the context of racism and xenophobia (fear of foreigners in excess) are widespread.

He lived in a ghetto (the neighborhood immigrant minorities) in France. “When I was a student, I often see politicians saying ‘We are all French,’ but I never saw a black man was on television. There was no French politician who is black, “he said.

He still remembers how he criticized the lack of opportunities for immigrant children, as well as the climate of poverty and crime in their homes. This was further exacerbated discrimination that occurs in various ways, also abuse by police. Therefore, when it became popular in the 1990s, criticized rap music as an art that glorifies violence and heightened racial tensions.


Before embracing Islam, he was named Regis. Born in Paris on March 14, 1975 under the name Régis Fayette-Mikano. In 1977, a bloody small Regis Kongo parents take them back to their home country and live in Brazzaville (the capital as well as the largest city in the Republic of Congo). Régis spent his childhood there, before he and his family returned to France and settled in the district of the ghetto called Neuhof (southern city of Strasbourg) in 1981.

When Regis enters adolescence, her father had left home. Since then, his mother struggled alone to raise and educate his children Regis. And since then also, Regis began to grow into petty criminals.

In a harsh new environment, without a father, Regis learning to meet the limitations and deficiencies that he found at home. From the petty crimes he did, he continued to grow into criminals who managed to establish dominance with some friends.

He grabbed and stole the car, in order to generate money that can not be obtained from the home. In that condition, Regis serving three life roles at once. He was a child who struggled to maintain his family life, students who excel in school, and a wily street criminals.

Regis chose to channel the frustration of rap music, also spoke and expressed social criticism of all that happened. Inspired by American rap in the 1980s, Abd al-Malik joined a group of relatives and friends and create a New African Poets, abbreviated as NAP.

In the middle kekritisannya, Régis enamored of the Black Power movement and idolize Malcolm X as a black Muslim hero who had dared to oppose injustice. For him and a number of young immigrants in France at that time, Islam offers an identity that is challenging.

Obtaining knowledge about Islam from Muslim preachers who preach in the streets. At the age of 16, Regis decided to convert to Islam and changed his name to Abd al Malik. For several years thereafter, with the Muslims, he toured France for calling young men to go to the mosque, and lengthen the beard grow, and stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

Some time involved, Abd al Malik saw that the popular doctrine in the French ghettos are explicitly not something hard. However, he said in Sufi Rapper, is a fanatical teachings encourage young immigrants to lampoon all things secular, modern and westernized. “And that just deepens our sense of alienation,” he said.

That’s where he re-discovered in his inner turmoil. As a teenager, Abd al Malik feel the sincerity and spirit of Islam as great as his desire to rap, an art that must he insult and stay away. “Because rap music is modern, and his westernized.”

Abd al Malik caught in the paradox that until a few years. “That hurt,” he said. It is increasingly becoming a pain because he committed crimes to finance his music and became a drug dealer. “These actions were not very religious.”

Until finally, one day, Abd al Malik went to a local criminal leaders and ask for a loan. After that, holding a garbage bag full of money, Abd al Malik sat down and cried alone in her apartment.


Inner turmoil that prompted him to gain a deeper understanding of faith. In that quest, he received an answer from mysticism, contemplative branch of Islamic Sufism.

He met a spiritual teacher from North Africa who taught that the essence of religion is love and awareness of the spiritual nature of every human being. “So, Islam is a religion of love. Islam is peace with yourself and others,” he said.

He came to the conclusion, that the position of Islam as a religious minority with a minority within Islam itself. “And it’s not the real Islam.”

Paradigm shift that expands the view of Abd al Malik on rap music and its role through the arts. He began writing songs for his solo album, and brought the message that called for racial understanding. One song, “12 September 2001,” is a request to separate politics and religion. An other song, “God Bless France,” describes the evolution of his personal hatred of patriotism.

In his autobiography, Abd al Malik wrote that in his music, he was just trying to translate the language of the heart. He decided to leave the hard rap and began collaborating with various musicians to develop a new sound that blends jazz music, singing, and poetry criticism that is aesthetically pleasing.

When the rapper continues to create another ‘angry music’ and – some of them – were accused of inciting violence, Abd al Malik stick with his choice. Rather than criticize the French system, Abd al Malik pushed the country to live in accordance with the ideals of democracy. Through his music that has won numerous awards, he pointed out that Muslims do not have to stay away from things modern. “Especially if we could do something with it.”

U.S film maker Sean Stone from a Jewish father and christian mother reverted to Islam

U.S. filmmaker who has a Jewish father and Christian mother today decided to convert to Islam.

But Sean Stone, 27, son of Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, insisted the switch did not signal him abandoning the faiths of his parents.

He became Muslim on Tuesday 14 February 2012.

‘The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with,’ Mr Stone told news agency Agence France-Presse.

‘It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets,’.

The Princeton University graduate appeared in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps in 2010, Nixon in 1995 and JFK in 1991 – all worked on by his dad.

‘The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with. It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets’.

Mrs.Susan Carland Baptist Christian reverted to Islam

On the eve of the new year when he was 17 years, Susan Carland make some resolutions, and one of them is “to find out about other religions” in addition to the embrace of Christianity Baptist since childhood.

When she reveals that one resolution on the mother, the mother she loved replied casually, “I do not care if you marry a drug dealer though, but not marry a Muslim.”

At that time, the religion of Islam was not included in the priorities of religion who want Susan to learn, let alone thinking about marrying a Muslim. “Islam looks hard, sexist and foreign,” said Susan.

But two years later, at age 19, she became a Muslim. He spoke two sentences creed of his own accord, without the influence of anyone, including the influence of a man. Then Susan’s mother’s reaction to seeing his daughter converted to Islam?

One night, Susan’s mother said that he made the pork slices for dinner. Tonight was the first time Susan’s mother knew her daughter had become a Muslim. Susan’s mother called ‘victims’ of Islam. “But mother gave me a hug, though he was crying,” said Susan. A few days later, she decided instead to wear the hijab.

During the 8 years of Islam, relations with his mother Susan was experiencing hard times. But now their relationship began to improve. His mother even bought her scarf so often and send gifts to children during Eid al-Fitr Susan.

Susan completed her studies up to PhD level. He did research on the challenges facing women in leadership problems seasons. Susan is now a lecturer and tutor at the School of Political and Social Inquiry at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, for the field of gender studies, youth and the sociology of religion.

“I love Islam and Muslims, without a doubt. People who are most admirable and most inspiring I have ever come across is the Muslims, and it helps me not to withdraw completely from society,” said Susan.

Susan married a Muslim man in February 2002. He held his wedding at the Melbourne zoo. Her husband was a lawyer named Waleed Aly, who also serves as the executive board of the Islamic Council of Victoria. Aly, the Egyptian Muslim descent who were born in Australia was also a lecturer at Monash University and worked at the Global Terrorism Research Centre.

“When I embraced Islam, I and Waleed has not been met. I’m still alone. We decided to get married a few years after I became a Muslim,” said Susan.

Asked about his spiritual journey after converting to Islam, she revealed that she felt an intellectual freedom. “I started to go in the Muslim chat rooms on the internet. I am acquainted and establish communication with several Muslim women who were studying at my university. They patiently answered my questions,” said Susan.

He continued, “When I let the religion speak for itself through its traditions, through the clergy and the sacred text, to resist what is written by journalists at the tabloids and the appalling behavior of Muslims, I find that Islam is a religion of peace , egalitarian, socially just and beautiful balance between the spiritual and intellectual. “

Susan preach Islam by making Salam Cafe television program that aired nationally by the Australian television network. He received many awards for the program that made it. Susan is also frequently invited as a speaker at churches, schools, business organizations, community organizations and even the Jewish community. He was active in various research institutes. No wonder if he ever elected Muslim toloh Australia in 2004, and get a prize of $ 2,000 which he donated to various charities, both Muslim institutions and non-Muslims. (Kw / oi)