From Prison to Dawah (activist) – Journey of two revert brothers

Abdul and Asim giving Street Da'wah @ UK
Abdul and Asim giving Street Da’wah @ UK

From Prison to dawah!!!!! Amazing story of two brothers Asim and Abdul who reverted to Islam in British prison and how Islam transformed their lives to become not only a better person but also a true Muslim who spend their time and energy in propagating the message of Allah and help other people to be a better Muslim.

Abdul Kareem and Asim (revert names) were serving Jail term in UK when they met for the first time. Abdul was serving a 2 year jail term and Asim was serving 13 months jail term. Jail was the place where they decided to change for better and get away from the earlier life and hence they chose Islam to accept Islam, they chose to leave their past and start new lives as Muslims. Asim started praying 5 times day and giving adhan (call to Prayer) for the brothers, whereas Abdul kareem was seeking more knowledge through reading books.

Islam has given them a new purpose and meaning to life. Islam has given them the option to leave the streets behind, leave those who have a negative effect on their behaviour and start practicing Islam with those who will bring them closer to Allah.

Asim was released from prison 6 months before Abdul Kareem which meant that they lost contact with each other. Abdul Kareem was then released keeping his promise to Allah taking up an Islamic course in order to seek knowledge as our Prophet (saw) said: “Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim” and “Allah will exalt those who believe among you, and those who have been granted knowledge to high ranks.”(Qur’an).
Abdul Kareem came across the Facebook page of London based group called POWER TO DAWAH and contacted them regarding Da’wah. He wanted to join them and spread the truth of Allah. He was readily accepted by brother with open arms and love for the sake of Allah. However, Abdul Kareem was not allowed to enter London due to his past and had to draw a map/plan in order for the authorities to know where he is at all times. By the will of Allah the authorities permitted Abdul Kareem to join the Da’wah team every Sunday. Islam helped him to transform his life into a completely new person since he reverted to be a Muslim.

Asim left his jail friends in Lewisham and moved to Camden town in order to start a new life as a Muslim. Abdul Kareem sometimes visits his mother who also lives in Camden town. One day, Abdul Kareem and Asim bumped into each other. Allah is truly the best of planners.

Asim is now working in a hotel and is trying to increase his knowledge in Islam and has decided to join the Dawah table every Saturday whereas Abdul Kareem has now started his Islamic course hoping to increase his studies in Saudi Arabia once he is free and has decided to join the team POWER of DAWAH on Sundays to give street Dawah.


May Allah reward all those who give dawah, From accepting the message to now spreading the message, the two brothers are now active in the field of dawah and they continue to spread the message that they accepted.

Dawah is of great significance and it is a obligatory for every Muslim. This dawah could be the difference for us on the day of judgement. May Allah reward all of those who spread the message of Islam, may Allah continue to guide and reward those who stick to Islam according to the Qur’an and the sunnah and may Allah guide the non believers to the truth (Islam). Ameen!

For more information or to join contact: Power of Dawah, U

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