Hated islam, now he is muslim

Assalamu alaykum,
This is brother Patrick Amman, who was an enemy of Islam for years. He was in the Army, he had Far-Right involvement and was connected with anti-Islamic nationalists all over Europe and North America. Now Alhamdulillah he is Muslim and his two favourite Sahabis are Umar ibn al-Khattab radiAllahu Anhu and Khalid bin Walid radiAllahu Anhu, both of whom were enemies of Islam before they saw the Truth.

He converted a year ago. He said he felt a sudden urge out of nowhere to study Islam in an honest way. So he picked up two translations of the Qur’an and started watching Islamic YouTube channels. Each day he studied; lies he had believed were shattered, and as he became increasingly pro-Islam, his nationalist friends started to oppose him. But this only made him more firm, until he finally made up his mind that Islam was the Truth and he could no longer deny it or find any flaws.

So he finally decided to go to the Mosque and take his Shahada. That random urge to study Islam was Allah’s guidance, no doubt. All the information was written by this brother. Alhamdulillah, Allah is best Planner.

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10 years of being Muslim

Brother Mostafa Higazi
#10YearTransformation I share this in hope to inspire others who may feel spiritually at loss. I do not shy from admitting that I was not always a practicing Muslim. I DID have a spiritual struggle growing up and experienced personal hardships.

At the same time, I was always introspective and passionate about the Deen, which eventually led me to accepting and implementing it wholeheartedly to the best of my ability.

So what was my secret? Well, it was no complex formula for my transformation. What worked for me is BEING. Be and you become. The important thing is to WANT change for yourself, and seek your Creator’s guidance towards that necessary change. Transform yourself into a humble servant of the One who created you. In doing so, you may lose out on some finite worldly gains, but in return will be led to a straight path towards eternal infinite bliss.

#ISLAM (submission to the one true God) is the essential metaphysical paradigm that our soul needs. Without it, our hearts and minds remain in a state of distress and confusion. Hence, it is only thru Islam that one may acquire ultimate contentment. It is for this reason, that I have devoted my time and energy to conveying the message of Islam to the general population – out of compassion and care of sharing that blessing (Islam) with humanity.

May Allah make us all of the righteous, keep us guided on the straight path, and enable us to remain steadfast in good actions and deeds. Ameen
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Former Marine Mark Who Served in Iraq

Former Marine Who Served in Iraq and Accepted Islam

Brother Mark recently came into Islam less than a year ago. He was in the Marine Corps and spent time in Iraq. Part of what led him to the religion of Islam was during his stay in Iraq when directly dealing with Muslims who he considered of utmost manners and hospitality.
Spiritually speaking, Br. Mark studied to become ordained in the Roman Catholic church for over a decade but had difficulties surrounding the religious veneration of sacred objects and ritual practices, especially praying to the saints instead of God! Curiosity led him to studying Islam more and reading the Qur’an. The turning point for him was when he realized that ALL the Prophets of God including Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them all) came with the same message of Islamic monotheism.

Hindu Who Demolished Babri Masjid in india, Converts To Islam

Hindu Who Demolished Babri Masjid in india, Converts To Islam

Babri Masjid was situated in Ayodhya, India which was ordered to be demolished, and this person who took part in destroying that mosque, end up converting to Islam.
Ever since his transformation, Mohammad Amir, previously called Balbir Singh, has constructed more than 90 mosques as a means of apologizing for his sin.

Moreover, Amir also gives facilities as a Islamic preacher.

The excursion of Amir, from an ex-kar sevak, who united with thousand others coming from across India to thrash the Babri Masjid to a devoted Muslim, is an inspirational one.

In an talk with India Today, Amir discovered how he was the first person to climb the mid dome of Babri Mosque.

Once a loyal saffron association warrior, Mohammad Amir, told, “I was so expended with remorse soon after the destruction of that mosque and that’s the time when I decided to accept Islam.”

Muhammad Amir is also wedded to a Muslim lady and runs a school in India to spread the wisdoms of Islam.


Trump’s Election Led Me to Islam

☺️ ☺️ My Journey to Islam

Trump’s Election Led Me to Islam By Michael CummingsTrump’s Election Led Me to Islam
Everything I learned about Islam just made sense to me.

My name is Michael Cummings,
but am changing my name too #Ubaidah. This is my story of reverting/converting to Islam.

Well I was raised Baptist in rural Kentucky. But I’ve always been different from my family, especially when it comes to wanting to learn about other cultures. Both of my brothers joined the military and have since both moved on to other career fields after serving in Iraq.

Well one of them is now homeland security and in college to be a Christian preacher. But I had strayed away from Christianity after I started to question the Bible and couldn’t get answers from any preachers, so I started to seek the truth of religion.

I looked into everything from Mormon to Rastafarian, but during the election of trump and all the hatred that came with it, it peaked my interest to find out what Muslims actually believe because all I really knew was what you see on TV and movies.

So I proceeded to research and to ask Muslims what they believe and I ordered a Quran and just started to read.

Everything I learned about Islam just made sense to me. So I decided to tell my mom I was converting to Islam, she was not happy (still isn’t). Then she decided to take it upon her self to call my homeland security/preacher brother and tell him.

So that obviously didn’t go over well. Pretty much everybody I’ve known my whole life see me as an enemy now, but by losing a few family members I gained about 1.7 billion new brothers and sisters.

I am also giving dawah to all my friends and have a few that are very close to accepting Islam Insha’Allah.

I just pray that Allah continues to guide me and my friends and maybe even my family one day.

Allah Akbar.