How Islam freed my soul? – Cat stevens

Islam Changed My Life for the Best

As I moved forward in my search, don’t think for one moment that I was waking up every morning and say “Now who am I going to meet and find today?”

… No. But the world is a place, and it was a place then, particularly then, where people would grab me every now and again and try to pull me back into the world and just let the desires explode. So “Come here, have this drink, have this, have that, it’s great”. You don’t need all that rubbish.


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An Irish Republican and staunch Atheist of thirty years accepts Islam


The purpose of writing this is to record my epic journey into Islam and to hopefully enable others to understand that journey. For people who know me will know that this was not an easy straight path ,there were many twists and turns along the way. My new Islamic life began on the 12th of Rabee Al Awal 1436 AH(AKA 3rd of January 2015).
But where did I come from to get to where I am now?Both my parents were devout Roman Catholics,so my early formative years were spent as a Roman catholic,however,by the time I’ve reached the age of fifteen,I became an Agnostic and later I became an Atheist.
I remained a staunch Atheist for over thirty years so how did I go from being in the darkness of atheism to the light of Islam?

Takbeer, Allahu Akbar Brother Frank Consolino Embraced Islam


Takbeer, Allahu Akbar Brother Frank Consolino Took His Shahadah and Embraced Islam

he says about his revert:

I was born into a Catholic home and raised that way. At the age of 16 I left the Catholic church for good, at age 20 I started attending a non denomination church that went wrong when the pastor had a affair I found another church attended for a year and found it to be very judgemental and run like a business instead of for God. In the small amount of time I have practiced Islam I have found a joy and understanding that I have never experienced before. Thanks be to Allah for excepting me as I am. Allahu Akbar.

He has been former Michigan State Mayor Candidate.

He has posted on his facebook page about islam, his cover photo “I am Muslim”.


He has commendted on one of his posts regarding the Quranic Verse which Allah swt says:

“Indeed Allah Never Breaks his Promise.”

after lots of negative comments from his relatives and friends about this Quranic Verse he Replied:

Frank Consolino Did not post this for debate but just for myself I believe in this but still respect christian beliefs but that is just not for me. Im sorry my family is practicing Christianity still and respect that completely the only thing I ask in return is for the same respect. I will not debate religion or politics because I believe it is not proper to infringe on others thoughts of beliefs. I value all of you the same as I always have and i hope you would reflect the same.
Hawkes I don’t think any of that! about Muslims!! Just curious why you declared yourself Muslim. Nothing wrong with it, just thought you were a Lifer.

  • Frank Consolino I started researching Islam just for further education on other religions and through that my eyes where opened and my heart was turned to Islam I have found so much peace in Allah (God) and Salah (5 time daily prayer) it is overwhelming. Julie and the children are still christian. In Islam it speaks nothing against a Muslim visiting a christian church so I plan on attending with my family as well.
AND Allah swt the creator of this whole universe says, in the noble Quran: