Takbeer, Sister Amy accepted Islam today


Takbeer! Allahu Akbar!

Sister Amy accepted Islam today. She is a friend of Br Anas who came towards dawah table, because brother wants his friend to know more about islam , as she believes in one god but due to confusion in Christianany she left Christanity and she was searching for true religion and the book of creator with out errors and found Quran as final revealation with no Errors , and she later on believed prophet Muhammed(pbuh) as a last and final messenger and took shahadah. She to took books to learn and practice islam , the religion of peace. May Allah ( swt ) bless brother Anas and sister for there love for Allah.

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Allahu AKbar, Indian Actress Monica Embraced Islam

Translation: assalaamu alaikum. I hope most of you know me I”m monica. I embraced islam i’ve changed my name to M.G. Raheema. I’m very happy after embracing Islam and please do not think that I’ve accepted Islam just because I fell in love with a muslim man or I’ve married an Sheikh. I can’t change my religion for silly matters. Only after gaining knowledge about Islamic laws I’ve accepted Islam and I love it. Islam is not like other religion. From dressing, our activities, charity and other aspects Islam stands unique.If one can’t understand these things nobody can stay in Islam for a long time. So I’ve understood Islam well before accepting it. I’ve planned to quit film industry and I’m very happy about that. I’m 26 now and I’ve been into film from the past 22 years, from my childhood. I’ve worked in tamil, english, hindi, telugu, malyalam and other languages too. All directors have given me a good support. I’ve almost worked for in 70 movies and now I’m planning to move to a new industry like tailoring, import/export, etc. I”m not gonna work for movies after may 2014 I”m gonna quit film industry completely. If i’m not into business i’ll get married and that’s it. Thank you all for supporting me.

Not only this sister but also Yuvan Shankar Raja a reputed Music Director, Son of the Legend of Music Ilayaraja (orthodox Hindu) embraced Islam 3 months back.

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alhmdllah a sister from Southern Sudan took her shahadah

10155722_10152421410828080_4727645126317289112_n (1)“Am I Muslim now! ?”

Today has been one of the busiest days. I thought it was the 18th for some reason and I found out I have three days to move.

I stopped by my office and found an incredibly intelligent, light young woman from Southern Sudan. She told me, “I had a dream that told me to embrace Islam.”

After a brief conversation she accepted faith. At that moment she started to cry saying, “Am I Muslim now?”

As war and strife rocks different parts of the world, incuding Sudan, this moment reminded me why faith is so beautiful. I don’t like taking pictures of conversions. But this one is an exception.

Please welcome her to faith. Welcome her home.


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