Takbeer, Sister Amy accepted Islam today


Takbeer! Allahu Akbar!

Sister Amy accepted Islam today. She is a friend of Br Anas who came towards dawah table, because brother wants his friend to know more about islam , as she believes in one god but due to confusion in Christianany she left Christanity and she was searching for true religion and the book of creator with out errors and found Quran as final revealation with no Errors , and she later on believed prophet Muhammed(pbuh) as a last and final messenger and took shahadah. She to took books to learn and practice islam , the religion of peace. May Allah ( swt ) bless brother Anas and sister for there love for Allah.

Join us in the Global Dawah Movement to articulate Islam to the people who are searching for the truth.

Sunday, 1st June
Bourke St Mall
Cnr of Bourke & Swanston St
11pm to 4pm

For any queries contact 0425886949

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Allahu AKbar, Indian Actress Monica Embraced Islam

Translation: assalaamu alaikum. I hope most of you know me I”m monica. I embraced islam i’ve changed my name to M.G. Raheema. I’m very happy after embracing Islam and please do not think that I’ve accepted Islam just because I fell in love with a muslim man or I’ve married an Sheikh. I can’t change my religion for silly matters. Only after gaining knowledge about Islamic laws I’ve accepted Islam and I love it. Islam is not like other religion. From dressing, our activities, charity and other aspects Islam stands unique.If one can’t understand these things nobody can stay in Islam for a long time. So I’ve understood Islam well before accepting it. I’ve planned to quit film industry and I’m very happy about that. I’m 26 now and I’ve been into film from the past 22 years, from my childhood. I’ve worked in tamil, english, hindi, telugu, malyalam and other languages too. All directors have given me a good support. I’ve almost worked for in 70 movies and now I’m planning to move to a new industry like tailoring, import/export, etc. I”m not gonna work for movies after may 2014 I”m gonna quit film industry completely. If i’m not into business i’ll get married and that’s it. Thank you all for supporting me.

Not only this sister but also Yuvan Shankar Raja a reputed Music Director, Son of the Legend of Music Ilayaraja (orthodox Hindu) embraced Islam 3 months back.

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alhmdllah a sister from Southern Sudan took her shahadah

10155722_10152421410828080_4727645126317289112_n (1)“Am I Muslim now! ?”

Today has been one of the busiest days. I thought it was the 18th for some reason and I found out I have three days to move.

I stopped by my office and found an incredibly intelligent, light young woman from Southern Sudan. She told me, “I had a dream that told me to embrace Islam.”

After a brief conversation she accepted faith. At that moment she started to cry saying, “Am I Muslim now?”

As war and strife rocks different parts of the world, incuding Sudan, this moment reminded me why faith is so beautiful. I don’t like taking pictures of conversions. But this one is an exception.

Please welcome her to faith. Welcome her home.


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Takbeer! Two people took there ‪#‎Shahadah‬ with the team in ‪#‎Teesside‬

Takbeer .. Allah Ho Akbar.

2 People accepted Islam today with IDC Teesside team and a Member of the MDA team.

Ex Soldier that served his queen but is now left homeless and with post traumatic stress.

One Sister from Stockton on Tees also accepted Islam today.
May Allah keep them steadfast and remember him.

May Allah accept this from the IDC Team and help support them on their Journey in ISLAM.

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If you are around NJ or NY dont’ loose this great Opportunity

10274234_664901323583014_8365769839324245525_nPlease Brothers and Sisters in Islam: If you are around NJ or NY or you know Muslims who are, please come to this wonderful opportunity or share with others. Three great scholars will share their knowledge and open for you the way to the true path of Allah (SWT) and His messenger. May Allah reward you all and all who put together this event. Please come, or share, spread the word and Allah (SWT) will reward you all. In Sahih Bukhari : Sahl bin Sa’d (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet (SAW) said to ‘Ali (May Allah be pleased with him), “By Allah, if a single person is guided by Allah through you, it will be better for you than a whole lot of red camels.”

Islamic OutreachBuildingblocks New JerseyThe Building Blocks NJBuilding Blocks of Islam, Mahir MusaniKhalil UlAllahKhaled DardarMohamed Bahader

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Allahu akbar! The brother Johny in the middle accepted Islam in the mosque that brother Samir Muric is active in Eslöv alhamdulillah! May Allah keep brother Johny steadfast on the straight path! Ameen!



Allahu Akbar.. A sister has just embraced ‪#‎Islam‬ after a chat with Sheikh Kamal El Mekki during ‪#‎AtThePeak‬ convention in ‪#‎HongKong

10390188_10152218221479979_1301620037393374255_n (1)Allahu Akbar.. A sister has just embraced #Islam after a chat with Sheikh Kamal El Mekki during #AtThePeak convention in#HongKong. What a blessing. Let’s all welcome the sister to our family and please share your advice(s) with her.

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A Faith I Had Never Considered American Catholic Man Finds Islam

10403246_301893389968837_5648313940928167617_nA Faith I Had Never Considered
American Catholic Man Finds Islam….

I have not always been a Muslim.

There have been times in my life that I have been the very opposite of what that means to be; yet, in some way, I feel like my whole life has led me to it.

I had been raised to hold a Christian faith in a home of mixed denominations. Before my mother, a devout Roman-Catholic, would accept my father’s proposal for marriage, she made him promise before a priest that they would raise their children Catholic. Though my father comes from a very devoted Mormon family, he accepted. Continue reading “A Faith I Had Never Considered American Catholic Man Finds Islam”



1. Converting to Islam liberates a person from slavery to manmade systems and lifestyles.

==<> Islam emancipates the mind from superstitions and uncertainties; it liberates the soul from sin and corruption and frees the conscience from oppression and fear. Submission to the will of God, does not curtail freedom, on the contrary it gives a very high degree of freedom by freeing the mind from superstitions and filling it with truth and knowledge. Continue reading “THE BENEFITS CONVERTING TO ISLAM”

Dawah Training Course

TOMORROW Saturday 24th May

Dawah Training Course

What you will learn In shaa Allah
1. The etiquette’s of being a Da’ee
2. How to address difficult questions
3. How to give Dawah to Christians and Atheists
4. How to present Islam in an intellectual manner.

Begin After Maghrib and continue after Isha
Location: IDCA 361 Chisholm rd, Auburn
Nearest station Regents Park, 15 min walk. Australia
A must attend course
Register on the day
Bring pen and notepad

This will In shaa Allah prepare you for the What’s Your Goal Dawah Initiative.

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Jennifer life has changed since she converted to Islam

10291222_488327801297300_6808776648066091792_nJennifer Berzon is counting the months. In a year she will leave her job as home help for an Emirati family and finally return to her own children and husband in the Philippines.

And to that joyous reunion she will take something in addition to the hugs, kisses and gifts – a new religion.
Jennifer, 31, converted to Islam from Christianity last year, in the middle of Ramadan. Continue reading “Jennifer life has changed since she converted to Islam”

2 weeks ago, when there was 4 SHAHADAs in 1 day

10390435_286753701501108_5613776370427984665_nLast Saturday’s Da’wah was amazing! TAKBEER!!

Also, I got to meet the New Reverts from when I was in Saudi!

The brother on the left, is Ryan, and the one on the right is Derek, who is a friend of Ryan!
2 weeks ago, when there was 4 SHAHADAs in 1 day, it got even better, Ryan, went home, told his friend about Islam, and Derek took his Shahada too!

These 2 brothers have been coming to the mosque since almost every day, and I spoke to Ryan yesterday at The Iceberg Project meeting about Ramadhan, and he was explaining that he felt a peace in the mosque, and any time he feels stress he goes to the Mosque, and feels better. As you can see, he has been Topi’d!
I think i must be the only convert in Dundee, that didnt get Topi’d!

The brothers on the table, were really great! That Da’wah Training paid off! They were so comfortable at answering questions!
For example, The Brother asked “what Religion are you.”

the man replied: “I dont have a religion..”

then the brother asked “What is your belief then?”

“Well, i believe…”

I was very proud of them! Alhamdulilah!

Also, Subhan’Allah i was feeling a little hungry as i hadn’t eaten (which isn’t usual for Saturday) and on the way back, we passed a takeaway and we said salaam to the owner (who we dont know). The Palestinian man came out, asked where we are from and then saw the brother’s black jumper with the Kalima on it, and invited us to order a Free Pizza to take away for the sake of Allah. This was so kind!


We are going to see these Revert Brothers and others on Saturday Evening and Go for a FREE Pizza Meal at Pizza Hut for the Reverts.

May Allah bless you all.


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An entire Australian family accepts islam

10382849_10152028294601104_6793113971785440370_nA Beautiful story of Australian Family converting to Islam –
May Allah grant them all the highest peak of Jannah

Here is my story of how my family converted ️
Both my parents are Aussie, they divorced when I was young because my father was really abusive. We still have problems with him. I haven’t seen him or spoken to him in 12 years. Mum had 4 kids with him.

After the divorce My mum was seeing this Lebanese Muslim. He wasn’t really practicing and they had my youngest brother. They were always on off, on off cause he lied to her all the time and he cheated on her. So my mum always broke it off with him but he wormed his way back. My mums really soft hearted.

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Allah the most high blessed the team with 3 Shahadas!

10384031_658960420844073_5306295231556002132_nAlhumdulillah LDM team were in Oxford today, We had one of the most amazing days of dawah. Allah the most high blessed the team with 3 Shahadas! This is our new brother Sam, I spoke with him after he took his shahada and asked him what lead him to become Muslim; he said that the message made sense deep inside and he further added that when he heard the message it made the hairs on his arms stand! Allahuakbar! The great thing is we have his shahada and his interview on camera In shaa Allah it will be up soon.

Brothers and sisters please continue to support LDM with your donations so we can continue such activities currently our monthly running costs as a whole is £400 pounds, this money will cover all our videos, shows, radio, editing and dawah days!

Donate what ever you can to support the dawah. Or if you know any one that can please share.

Donate here>http://www.gofundme.com/ldmop



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Takbeer!!! 2 Australian women embrace Islam and joined worlds biggest brotherhood.

10314034_658725574182392_5734144720527616757_nTakbeer!!! 2 Australian women embrace Islam and joined worlds biggest brotherhood.
“”He it is Who hath sent His messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religion. And Allah sufficeth as a Witness.””
MashAllah May Allah reward IREA dae’es giving dawah at Preston market

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American Muslims | My Voice, My Faith

American Muslims | My Voice, My Faith

If you have not yet watched the video, do so and share it, let’s show the world what Islam truly is…

American Muslims we come in all colors, from every ethnic background, and we all say La illah ila Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah.

Click on the link to watch the video then copy & past and share the link:

First time in California: A mega full day ICNA conference

10178060_715444948494407_8286413073871819059_nWest Coast ARE YOU READY????

First time in California: A mega full day ICNA conference
Don’t miss this major event with world renowned speakers.

Parallel Youth Conference by Young Muslims.
Revert Panel and Spanish sessions by WhyIslam.

Ticket: $45 for adults and $20 for students.
Price includes parking, banquet dinner and child care.
Register now. Hotel capacity is limited.

ASL translation provided.

FB event page:https://www.facebook.com/events/125026514364558/

Involve #Islam in Your #Family Life

603606_10152392240533128_398036580_nWe all have an endless list of things to do after we return home from work, including cooking, cleaning and looking after the children. However, it is possible to incorporate “deen building” into all these activities:

a) Read Quran #Together: Take time out every now and then to reflect on the Glorious Qur’an with your family. Even if it’s only 20 minutes a day, it is definitely worth doing this together!
b) Watch Islamic Lectures Together: YouTube is such a big phenomenon these days and it’s great for us Muslims too. The number of interesting Islamic lectures available are endless, so get on the Internet and have a look. You can even keep on in the background while doing the cooking.
c) Prepare Meals Together: Why should you have to cook alone? Try and get your children and husband involved! Not only will the meals be prepared quicker, but you can also discuss your day with each other. Especially in Ramadan, preparing Iftar together can allow you to reflect on the fast that you are undertaking collectively. 

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