Brother Wayne’s short story to islam

11014927_834100519972243_1937140641825218767_nWayne: “I am a 56 year old Englishman, raised in a Church of England home, came to Australia in 1964. I always questioned about the teachings of christianity and on 25th December, 2009, I became a Muslim. For me, Islam was where I found truth, and my questions were answered. I joined the family of Islam and never been more complete as a person, and now try to support my brothers and sisters with speaking out to ones that try to bring Islam down.”

and a comment:

Acan Vaie The truth is that Islam is the way of life given to mankind by God Almighty. The truth is that every God-fearing person on Earth wants to be a Muslim. Every person on earth has been a Muslim and every person on earth will be a Muslim again.

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