Sister Sara’s Short Story- how i came to Islam?


Sara: “I grew up going to church and having faith in God but when I hit my teens I rebelled a bit and wanting to have fun with my friends, I starting going clubbing and stopped attending church. Still believing in God, I always found it interesting talking to Muslims about Islam. I struggled with the Churche’s idea of the trinity and believing that Jesus was the son of God.

Mid last year, I reverted to Islam and early this year I started wearing niqab, both being decisions I wish I had made earlier. In some ways my life has changed so much and in other ways I’m still the same girl. I traded in some of my old habits; I don’t drink, smoke, go clubbing or get into trouble anymore, but kept some; I still enjoy shopping, spending time with the girls and getting my hair done, and adopted some new ones like praying five times a day and covering up.

Covering up and niqab was my choice. Some people think that a man forces me to wear niqab but I’m not even married and my dad isn’t Muslim so he wouldn’t care if I chose not to wear niqab – as long as I’m happy, he is happy. I’m definitely not forced. I understand non Muslims being apprehensive or intimidated or possibly scared of niqab. To be honest, before I reverted I had similar feelings and thoughts but then I met people who wear niqab and realised under the layers they’re just normal everyday people. I don’t think I’m better than anyone who doesn’t wear niqab, Muslim or non Muslim. I wear niqab as extra worship and devotion between me and ALLAH.”

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