Allahu Akbar! God is the Greatest a sister took shahadah

Allahu Akbar! God is the Greatest.

We have A NEW SISTER from the United States of America who has just embraced Islam and declared her Shahada with me just now over facebook, Alhamdulilah!

The Almighty has guided yet another of his creation to accept Islam and to worship him Alone without partners, and accept all his Prophets and Messengers!!

It would be nice if we could raise some Money to assist her in purchasing some Materials like books, clothing, Quran etc,  as she is a Mother and has Children to care for, and is living in an area without Muslims nearby.

Who would like to support her?
Inbox me.

Allah is the Greatest. I am so happy for her.

After she declared her belief in Islam, she said:

  cant stop smiling 

The same response as the brother on Saturday and myself when I accepted Islam 2 and half years ago!

It is a sweetness that your Lord is pleased with you and knowing he has guided you to his way.

(continued via brother, Abraham Pirry 12 minutes ago)

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