Takbeer! A Hindu brother took #Shahadah with our team from #Dundee, on Facebook

TAKBEER!! A hindu from INDIA embraced ISLAM TODAY through FACEBOOK with ME and ASAD in Sizzlers in Dundee, Scotland as his witnesses!!
Yesterday he replied. Today he declared his shahada. And we have another Muslim Brother from India! Alhamdulilah.
These were the questions:

Why only should we choose islam
And y Muslims are so extreme
Y people dont feel safe crossing them
If it is so peaceful
Y it isnt getting any better
Even after so many conversions
I dont c any peace in real abt islam except in Muslim videos
there r so many hadiths reference
When there r only 4
Whats the proof that hadiths are the exact same words of the prophet
And noone added anything in.it
I have many questions
Will ask others if I ll get ur reply

Then when the answers were given,
The brother was worried about being a Muslim in a Hindu Community, and not wanting his parents to suffer because of his conversion to Islam.

He said:
I just want my life to go simple and fine like it is now…with my friends and family but WITH islam in my life.

He has my support and I had a similar trial with a non-muslim family when embracing Islam.

Then I got a smiley face and he said: Whos gonna be my two witnesses.

Masha Allah. Allah chose to Guide him to ISLAM!

He straight away said: All praise is due to Allah!

May Allah keep him guided, give him the support he needs, and may Allah keep him steadfast, forgive him for his past, and make him knowledgeable.



Don’t ever stop thanking Allah for his blessings.

Allah guides who he wills.
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