History of Israel, Jerusalem & Judaism | The Deen Show with Eddie


Israel, Jerusalem & Judaism – How it all started MUST SEE!!!
This is an extremely important topic that everyone should take the time to learn about that has to do with Israel,Jerusalem and Judaism. You will benefit tremendously from watching this.

Some very important points you will learn

1.History of Israel – Who was Israel? where this name came from? how it all started?

2.History of Jerusalem

3.History of Judaism- When did this start and where did the name come from

4.Re-establishment of Israel – Is this supported from the Bible, Torah, Talmud

5. Who are the Christians who support this and why.

6. How Islam makes sense of it all

7. Who is the real Messiah the Jews are waiting for
and much more…

with Dr. Ahmad Rajab.

Please share this with everyone so more people can learn these very important facts,history and the truth.

P.s I urge ALL Muslims not to trivialize the role of social media. Post noteworthy news items, images, and videos on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Together, and with the help of Allah(God), we represent a more powerful force than Fox News, CNN, ABC, BBC and all the other groups combined. Dr.Yasir Qadhi


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