Allahu Akbar, total 6 people took shahadah at melbourne

10734035_730587820329500_6733863452039283419_nAllahakbar Allahuakbar Allahuakbar
In total we had 6 people reading Shahadah in Melbourne in one day alone during IREAs ‘SAY NO TO ISLAMOPHOBIA’ Dawah Campaign yesterday.

May Allah accept the efforts of the brothers and sisters who dedicated their time and effort for the sake of Allah (swt) while rest may have preferred otherwise.

Sister Yoe approached with her friend to know what is Islam & what the faith of muslims.

She believed in God and rejected the idol worship and expected a higher supreme power above all of us.
On the question of our Daee as to what is the real purpose of life; she replied to live in peace and do good (Subhanallah how natural was Islam inbuilt her already!).
Da’ee acknowledged and reiterated that even our Lord has asked us to do exactly the same. and added to forbid wrong/evil as well.
She was given brief explanation of Tawheed (Oneness of God in Islam), she listened very interestingly. Then the role of the Prophets was discussed. Clarification on existence of different religions such as Judaism, Christianity & Islam thought he source is same was sought.

Towards the end of the informative discourse, Sister Yoe along with her friend Chris both embraced Islam. She thanked our Da’ee for the time and the clear explanation on Islam.

May Allah grant success to the sister and lead her to paradise

(continued via IREA, posted 12 hrs ago)

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